JobAdder: Admin – Secured Signing Management

Step 1: Open Secured Signing admin action

Login to JobAdder with an admin user. 

Open Secured Signing in the action menu and select Admin from one of following records:

  • Candidate
  • Job
  • Application
  • Placement
  • Company
  • Contact

Step 2: Admin

Company information

Your can review your Secured Signing ‘Company Plan Summary’

  • Plan Price: Current cost per document, and User per Month.
  • Billing Balance: The billing balance of your company account.
  • Next Billing Date: The billing date of your company account.
  • Total Users Used: Users connected in current billing cycle.
  • Total Documents Used: Documents used across all users in current billing cycle.

And you can

  • Pay Annually?: Click to contact Secured Signing if you’d like to change your payment period.
  • Update Credit Card: You can easily update your credit card details yourself.
  • Disconnect Company: Be careful, click this to stop using Secured Signing integration.

Manage User Connections

User connections can be managed here. See a more detailed user guide here.

Do you need anything else?