JobAdder: Settings Overview

Step 1: Open Secured Signing from the Action Menu and Choose Admin

Login to JobAdder with an Admin user and select one of following records:

  • Candidate
  • Job
  • Application
  • Placement
  • Company
  • Contact

Then select ‘Secured Signing’ in the ‘Actions’ menu and select Admin. 


This shows the current membership details, including plan and usage, and is also used for managing user connections.


Admin Portal

Clicking this redirect you to Secured Signing Enterprise Portal where you can manage your company settings; this is only visible for the user with a Secured Signing admin role.

When a user has been assigned the admin role, a notification email will be sent.


You can setup settings for your JobAdder integration to make it work for you better. These are unique settings for JobAdder and Secured Signing. 


This includes things like triggers, post signing workflow, pre-signing workflow, update/refresh form fields, notes and file type rules. 

post signing workflow


Other settings

Do you need anything else?