JobAdder: How to Connect Organisation to Secured Signing

Step 1: Enable Secured Signing in JobAdder

Login to JobAdder with an Admin User

Navigate to Admin settings > General > Apps & Add ons

Find the Secured Signing integration and enable it.

integrate jobadder screen
integrate jobadder screen

Click on the pink button “Integrate in Secured Signing’.

Step 2: Step by Step connection wizard

After you enable the integration, it will take you to this connection wizard.

Click Start to continue. You will be redirected to a JobAdder authorization page to give permission to the Secured Signing integration.

Step 3: Fill in your company details

Register a Secured Signing company account

  1. The integration automatically fills company details from your JobAdder for you; please correct or complete fields if any are wrong or missing.
  2. Agree to Secured Signing Terms of Use to continue.
  3. Click Connect to create a Secured Signing account for your company.

If you’re a returning customer, the wizard will pick up your old account data.

After connected your company, your current JobAdder user will be an admin user in Secured Signing and connected as well. Meanwhile, the integration also adds the Secured Signing option to your Actions menu for supported records.

Step 4: Connect users to Secured Signing

You can connect other users to Secured Signing now so they can start to use the integration, Or you can manage user connections later in the Admin action for Secured Signing.

  1. The integration finds available users in your JobAdder account;
  2. Click Connect User to connect selected user. There’re two types of user roles to connect:
    • Standard User: the user can use the integration and only manage their own documents in the Secured Signing document status action.
    • Collaborator: the user can use the integration and can manage their own and others’ documents in the Secured Signing document status action.
  3. Click Next to go to the next step.

Step 5: All Done! You Can Create Document Templates and Starting Sending Documents

All done. You can start to use the integration from the supported JobAdder records:

  • Candidate
  • Job
  • Application
  • Placement
  • Company
  • Contact

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