December 2022 RON product updates and enhancements – Secured Signing

Secured Signing’s Remote Online Notarization Platform is even better with New Notary Queue and Snapshot Features!  

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That’s right! Work just got a whole lot easier for companies requiring notarized documents… especially for those using the Secured Signing RON platform. Our new features focus on empowering organizations requiring an immediate notary professional, with quick and easy access to an available notary, ready when you are to complete the task! 

New Feature: Notary Queue

Let’s face it… We all know that receiving, placing, and returning requests for a RON notary is a time sensitive issue… Sound familiar? The requestor wants immediate confirmation that the job has been received and will be taken care of. Often, schedulers are buried in tedious tasks and fulfilling these requests can be daunting, due to special circumstances or the “end of month” chaos. Rather than delaying the process, you can experience automated speed without any setback! Secured Signing’s new notary queue feature allows for a quick notary assignment to post into queue.  

Simple, smart, and secure… Through our innovative technology, the request is immediately processed and assigned to a notary queue where an available notary can proceed with the job and the session invite forwarded to the signer. 

Notary Queue is perfect for medium to large companies performing frequent signing services and have remote, in-house RON certified Notaries able to perform RON for the entire company. 

The new feature supports the ability to have different roles/people assigned to the document that can prepare and tag as needed, a meeting host and a notary. The feature also allows for the company to run the notary signing service within the queue feature. 

Using Secured Signing’s API or a manual entry process, the scheduler enters the data and assigns it into a queue. A pool of your company’s notaries can pick up the assignment or you can assign it directly to a specific notary of choice. This is also a great solution for enterprise clients who plug into a pool of notaries that fulfil session requests on a shift basis. Any notary on duty can pick up the assignment for immediate or future fulfilment. If they pick up the assignment by mistake or cannot complete the assignment, they simply return it to the queue for pick up by another notary. 

Add Queues – Setting  

Admin Users within Team (up to 10 users/ Notaries) or Enterprise account (unlimited number of users/notaries) plan can setup unlimited queue and can assign available notaries to the queue.  

An admin user can set up multiple queues based on types of transactions, time of the transaction or special language requests etc. You can create as many queues as you required. 

Watch a video on how to set up Notary Queue here.


Assign To me (Notary) – Notary is taking the Job  

Once a preparer has submitted a document to the Notary Queue, the notary can accept the job, complete the document preparation, and invite principle/signer to join the Remote Online Notarization meeting.  

Once the scheduler/preparer selects an assignment to fulfil the task, they can prep the document for signature and assign it for pick up by a notary in the queue. The session invite is simultaneously sent to the signer(s) advising them of an upcoming RON meeting. The admin can monitor the queue to ensure all sessions are picked up or they can assign it from the queue to a specific notary for fulfilment. 

All queue members (notaries) will receive an email notification that job is posted to a queue. The principle (signers, witness, guests) will also receive an email notification that the job was assigned to a notary queue, and someone will be in touch, shortly.

Job not for me – Assign back to the Notary Queue  

In case Notary took a job but cannot perform the task, they can assign it back to the queue for another available notary. 

Watch a video of how to assign a job to the Notary Queue or how to take a job from the Notary Queue here.

Notary Queue Management 

Admin users within a Team or Enterprise account plan have full visibility and control of the notary queues. The admin or those assigned in a queue have visibility of the queue for management and monitoring of the process, ensuring all submitted requests are fulfilled! 

New Feature: Snapshot 

Often times, a notary has the need to collect or capture an image of supporting documentation, credentials, or stipulations during the RON session. With Secured Signing’s new Snapshot feature, you can capture that image, crop, edit and label on the fly. 

The Snapshot feature allows for capture of up to 10 images per signer. They can be downloaded along with the document as a separate exhibit. Please note that after 7 days these images are removed from the platform. 

Watch a video on how to use Notary Snapshot here.




Did you know you can add and remove signatures and form fields DURING a live video signing session with your clients? 

By clicking on a field, you are given the option to remove it. You can also insert additional signature fields using the “Add Signature” button in the top right. 

Watch a video on how to add or remove signature or form fields here.


Did you know that you can use Secured Signing platform to fill in and sign documents? Our simple, smart, and secured platform allows you to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. 

Secured Signing’s collaborative team are always at the helm in developing amazing, new, and innovative ways to engage business by delivering new features and platform enhancements that help simplify the process. The new features, paired with Secured Signing’s automated platform, allows companies to focus on building better business, while we focus on making your job easier, making you look good, and saving you money!