Secured Signing’s CEO, Gal Thompson on Video Confirmation in the eSigning process

In a recent interview, Gal Thompson, visionary CEO of Secured Signing, discussed how the company provides enterprise businesses with elevated security features that reinforce identity confirmation capabilities within the eSigning process.


As digital signatures become increasingly essential for organizations, Secured Signing’s commitment to security, privacy, and trust is more important than ever. The company continues to lead the industry in identity confirmation capabilities, with its advanced Video Confirmation Technology as part of the online signing process.


This advanced feature is available to all customers at no additional cost, further solidifying Secured Signing’s position as the most comprehensive and cutting-edge platform for online signing in the market.


Gal Thompson, CEO of Secured Signing, stated, “Our primary goal for Secured Signing is to make it quick and simple for the document signer while delivering the most secure, authentic, and reliable outcome for the document owner. Video confirmation achieves that, taking just a few seconds for the signer while providing the document owner the confidence of non-repudiation.”


Recently, there has been a significant surge in demand for this feature, driven by the increasing prevalence of fraud and other security concerns in the digital landscape. By incorporating Video Confirmation, Secured Signing has provided its users with an extra layer of security, ensuring the authenticity of all parties involved in the signing process.


Thompson emphasized the need for stringent security measures in the rapidly expanding digital landscape. She explained that in a world where businesses regularly rely on electronic signatures to authenticate and validate contracts, ensuring the authenticity and integrity of these signatures is crucial.


As the world becomes more interconnected and cyber threats continue to evolve, Secured Signing’s commitment to safeguarding their clients’ sensitive information remains unwavering, and their Video Confirmation feature stands as a testament to this dedication.


The CEO shared details on the company’s advancements in identity confirmation technology. “Our goal is to create an environment where enterprise businesses can confidently rely on digital signatures, knowing they are protected by cutting-edge security features,” Thompson said.


Secured Signing has been at the forefront of digital security and innovation for years, and their Video Confirmation feature is a prime example. This cutting-edge solution has been available within the Secured Signing platform for the last five years, demonstrating the company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve.


The CEO went on to explain the additional security measures implemented by Secured Signing: “For enhanced security and fraud prevention, the Video Confirmation cannot be downloaded, and every event is meticulously documented in both the Document Log and the Signing Completion Certificate. This powerful feature is an integral part of the Secured Signing product offering.”


To further bolster identity verification and security, Thompson highlighted the option to integrate additional authentication levels into the signing process. “When combined with SMS, Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA), or Identity Verification (IDV) mechanisms, the Video Confirmation feature adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that the person signing the document is indeed the intended signer,” Thompson concluded.


Thompson emphasizes the company’s commitment to supporting enterprise businesses with advanced security features: “At Secured Signing, we understand the unique challenges faced by enterprise organizations when it comes to securing sensitive documents and verifying signer identities.


With our video confirmation tool available in the eSigning process, we offer an elevated level of security that not only reinforces identity confirmation capabilities but also gives our enterprise customers the utmost confidence in their online signing processes. This innovative solution showcases our dedication to providing unparalleled security and peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.”


About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a trusted, tamper-proof Digital Signatures platform to the eSignature market with their legally binding document management solution that enables simple and secure eSigning, streamlined document workflows, and remote online notarization in a single cloud-based platform.


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