What is the most secure electronic signature platform?

what is the most secure electronic signature platform

Firstly let’s start off by explaining the differences between Electronic and digital signatures.

Electronic signatures are a broad category encompassing various methods of signing documents digitally. They can include anything from typing your name, drawing a signature on a touchscreen, or using a dedicated e-signature platform to apply a signature.  

However, digital signatures are a specific type of electronic signature that offers enhanced security and authentication. Digital signatures use cryptographic techniques to create a unique digital fingerprint for each document. 

A fingerprint, also known as a digital signature, is made using a private key owned by the signer. This fingerprint can then be verified using a corresponding public key. Digital signatures provide a higher level of assurance regarding the authenticity and integrity of the signed document compared to other electronic signature methods. 

Now that you know the difference between the two signatures, let’s dive into Secured Signing Digital Signing platform. Secured Signing has been around for over a decade, and we’re used in over 55 countries worldwide.  

So, what has led to us being one of the best digital signature platforms in the market? 

difference between electronic and digital signatures

Feature-rich digital signing and remote online notarization software 

Secured Signing provides digital signature and online notarization software to meet your business needs. If you need to sign a document easily, we can help. We can verify your identity and make sure all signers are who they say they are. You can sign documents online, anytime, anywhere.  


Secured Signing integrates with popular software across many industries. Popular software integrated with Secured Signing digital signatures includes:  


Enterprise-grade security and compliance  

The privacy and protection of your data is something we take extremely seriously. We provide a safe way to digitally sign documents using our secure platform. This ensures that your documents are legally binding and executed efficiently. We are ISO27001:2013 certified, HIPAA compliant, EU GDPR compliant, MISMO compliant, and more.  

Local Customer Support  

We have a team in our primary areas ready to help you use our platform. You can easily find help through support articles, a helpdesk, phone line, and group training sessions whenever you need it.  

Are we missing something?  

If you think we did an excellent job, tell us on social media or email helpdesk@securedsigning.com. You can leave a review for us on sites like G2 for our Remote Online Notarization and Digital Signature platform. 

Which industries are choosing Secured Signing  

Digital signing and remote online notarization have become increasingly popular. Businesses are expected to continue this trend as they look for fully digital processes. They want to offer customers a simple and easy way to sign and notarize documents. Also, improvements have been made in verifying and identifying signers.  

But who are the people using us today? And who is signing the documents?  

Law Firms  

Law firms can benefit from using a digital signing platform like Secured Signing. It helps with faster document signing, secure storage, convenience for clients, and cost savings on printing and mailing. This makes workflows more efficient and reduces wait times for clients.  

Use cases for Digital Signing and Remote Online Notarization within Law Firms  

  • Affidavits  
  • Willis  
  • Deeds  
  • Trusts  
  • Certificate of Authorship  
  • Contract  
  • Demand Letter  
  • Guaranty  
  • Modification Agreement  
  • Resignation of Trustee  
  • Sworn Statement 

Staffing, HR & Recruitment Agencies  

Our platform makes it easy for staffing, HR teams, and recruitment agencies to sign documents digitally on email and mobile devices. This helps them focus on finding jobs for candidates and talent for clients.  

Use cases for Digital Signing within Staffing and Recruitment agencies  

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)  
  • Job Offers / Offer Agreements  
  • New Policies  
  • Updated Policies  
  • Background check authorization forms  
  • Right-to-represent agreements  

Secured Signing helps recruitment agencies move to a paper-free recruitment process, that is digital, intuitive, and secure. 

Local Government, State Government, and Federal Government Agencies  

Getting government documents done takes longer than it should. For every form, agreement, approval, or declaration, there usually needs to be a printed, signed, and scanned version too.  

With Secured Signing, they can get a legally binding digital signature on anything – making execution much faster, safer, and easier.  

Use Cases for Digital Signing and Notarization within Government  

  • Internal approvals and procedural documents  
  • Contractor and Supplier agreements  
  • Inter-departmental agreements  
  • Statutory & Regulatory approvals  
  • Documents for individuals – healthcare, property, licensing, tax returns, construction approvals, legal and more  
  • Procurement  
  • Property Leases  
  • Building Approvals  
  • HR/Employees  
  • Contractors  
  • Licensing  
  • Legal Departments  
  • Finance Approvals  
  • Regulatory  
  • Courts & Corrections  
  • Planning  
  • Enforcements  

Hospitals and Healthcare Providers  

Imagine giving the care you need faster! Secure digital signing can streamline how hospitals and healthcare providers handle important documents, like consent forms and discharge instructions.  

Hospitals and healthcare providers can save time and improve patient care by using secure digital signing and notarization with Secured Signing. This helps make healthcare experiences smoother and more efficient for all.  

Use Cases for Digital Signing and Notarization within Hospitals and Healthcare Providers  

  • Patient Consent Forms  
  • Treatment Plans  
  • Referral Documentation  
  • Discharge Instructions  
  • Advanced Directives  
  • Prescription Orders  
  • Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare  
  • HIPAA Release Forms 

Other Industries  

As a trusted and reliable digital signature and remote online notarization platform, Secured Signing also supports other industries including Construction, Life Science, Insurance, Real Estate, Education, and more.  

Your industry not on the list? Contact us today and see how we can start helping you digitize your document workflows and processes.  

Get documents signed and notarized online with Secured Signing  

We have an easy, safe, and user-friendly platform for digital signatures and online notarizations, perfect for organizations of any size.  

Imagine saying goodbye to the hassle of printing, scanning, faxing, and physically mailing documents. Secured Signing allows you to sign, fill, seal, and verify important documents electronically, anytime, and from any device.  

Whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the go, Secured Signing ensures efficient and secure document management, saving you both time and money.  

Our comprehensive suite includes:  

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