Secured Signing for Bullhorn New feature – Trigger Rule

Secured Signing Bullhorn new feature

Secured Signing for Bullhorn Unveils an AI (Artificial Intelligence) feature, creating Trigger sending documents for signatures 

Secured Signing, a pioneer in digital signature solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of a revolutionary new feature designed exclusively for Bullhorn users. This innovative addition focuses on empowering recruiters to enhance their signing processes with automated triggers, setting a new standard for efficiency in the recruitment industry. 

Introducing Secured Signing for Bullhorn – Trigger Rules! 

With this latest addition, recruiters can now effortlessly automate their document signing processes through the establishment of trigger rules. This powerful functionality enables the automatic sending of preset documents or forms when the Bullhorn record’s status fields updates or changes. But that is not all – you can track the entire signing process seamlessly within Secured Signing for Bullhorn a single view. 

These trigger rules create a transformative and dynamic workflow that not only saves valuable time, eliminates double data entry and effort but also redefines how recruiters navigate essential paperwork. Secured Signing for Bullhorn – Trigger Rules is the key to unlocking an automated, more efficient, and organized recruiting experience. 

Mike Eyal, Founder, Director says, “at Secured Signing, we are dedicated to simplifying and securing document workflows for recruiters. The Trigger Rules feature is a significant change, offering an unparalleled level of automation that transforms how recruiters manage their paperwork. 

We believe this AI innovation will redefine the recruiting landscape in collecting data and get documents signed faster.” 

CLICK HERE to view how to setup Status Trigger Rules.

Continuous Innovation at the Core 

Secured Signing’s Simple, Smart, and Secured platform is at the forefront of technology development, delivering automated and inclusive experiences across Bullhorn communities. This latest feature exemplifies the commitment to providing innovative solutions that cater to the evolving needs of recruiters.