JobAdder: Admin Portal

Selecting ‘Login to Admin Portal’ redirects you to Secured Signing Enterprise Portal where you can manage company settings and organization reporting; only visible for Users that have Secured Signing Admin role.

When a user has been assigned the Admin Role, a notification email will be sent. 

In the Admin Portal you can manage  Secured Signing account/user settings as well as:

  • Add branding
  • Create Email templates
  • Share document templates
  • Signature Settings
  • Notification settings
  • IT – Domain Authentication
  • Manage/support documents for users – help desk
  • Reporting

Add Your Company Branding

To personalise the signing experience for your customers.

You can add your branding in two places:

  • Email communication, which is found in Email Branding
  • The invitee signing page, which is found in WeSign Branding

Click on settings -> Email branding ->  Upload logo -> preview & save.

Do the same for WeSign branding.

You can choose to have the same branding for all accounts or select Individual branding for each account if a multi brand scenario. You will need to contact Secured Signing support to activated more than one brand for you. 

How to Create Email Templates

To personalize & standardize the signing experience across the organization, create email templates for your users to choose from.

You can create 3 types of emails: Invitation, Reminder & Completion.

To create a new template:

  1. Click settings
  2. Email templates
  3. + New
  4. Fill in the name, subject, and contents of your email template
  5. Preview & Save.

Choose if this email template is to be shared with everyone or specific accounts.

Choose if you want it as your default email for every signing process.

Add template fields from the drop down list, to automatically personalise the email with information from the document such as invitee name and sender details.

Select ‘Preview’ & save.

If you need to delete an email template click on the template from the drop down list, and select the delete button.

How to Create & Share Document Templates

Do you need to send the same document over & over again to different people to complete & sign? Save time by creating Document templates.

Watch this video here 

Once the document template is created -> login to the Enterprise portal to share this with other users in the organization. 

Choose the name of the document template owner (whoever created the template) from the accounts list -> In account details, select the template you want to share and ‘click share’ -> in the popup choose which groups or accounts to share with.

Follow the same to delete templates.

Signature Settings

All Secured Signing signatures include a time & date stamp. However you can choose how this appears on the document.

Confirm the default signature settings for all accounts within the organisation.

  1. Click my settings
  2. My signature settings
  3. Update the signature properties.

You can also choose the signature capture methods available for your invitee Depending on which device they use, desktop or mobile.

Other Settings

Review all other available options settings under Settings -> My Account Settings.

Turn on or off what is relevant for your organisation.

If it is turned off, it will NOT appear in the invitation workflow screen when sending signing invitations.  

Domain Authentication

To improve your email delivery, we recommend you set up your own DKIM and SPF authentication. This way, Secured Signing will be permitted to display your domain’s information in your email (invitations and reminders) header, which can help improve your delivery rates and make your emails look more professional.

In Enterprise portal -> Settings -> Domain Authentication – select Add Domain

  • A list of domains that are part of your users account will be shown. Please complete the changes in your domain DNS records. Authenticate your domain with Secured Signing by modifying your domain’s DNS records. These changes allow your emails (invitations and reminders) to appear to come from your domain, instead of from our servers. After you’ve made the required DNS changes, please wait 24-48 hours for the changes to propagate.
  • DKIM: Create a CNAME record for sslkey._domainkey.your_ domain with this value: SPF:
  • Create a TXT record for your domain with this value:  v=spf1 -all

When completed, verify the domain and your email invitation delivery will improve.

You are less likely to experience issues such as emails with spoofing message or landing in junk mail folders.

Help Desk – How to support users?

Admin users can see all invitees for all accounts/ users in the Admin Portal. They can monitor and manage the signing process per invitees and also support users/accounts. Admin users can view the document log, and also send manual reminders for In-progress documents.

To do this – Login to Admin Portal-> Click Invitees -> Choose Date Range & Account -> A list of invitees will appear.

Click blue button to check all actions taken place so far in the audit log.

Choose the Green envelope button to send a manual reminder.

Management Reporting

You can keep track and monitor your organisation’s use of Secured Signing by running reports on your activity.  Choose the date range, report type, account type and much more.  You can also export the report to PDF or Excel file.

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