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Bookkeepers choose Secured Signing for Signing Documents Online

June 13, 2013

Secured Signing, the leading digital signature SaaS solution, allows bookkeepers to increase efficiency, shorten business practices, and deliver exceptional customer service.

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Mitre 10 NZ adopts Secured Signing for Digitally Signing Documents

May 21, 2013

Secured Signing, the online digital signature service, enables Mitre 10’s customers, management, and employees to promptly and efficiently sign the company’s electronic documents.

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Secured Signing provides electronic contract signature solution to Digital Mobile

June 13, 2012

Secured Signing the online digital signature service enables Digital Mobile customers to electronically sign subscription contracts and experience the benefits of an automated, secure, and paperless business process.

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Secured Signing Digital Signature Online Service Slashes Costs

May 4, 2012

Sophie Beers, Yarra Ranges Council’s Procurement Officer concluded her exceptionally positive experience with the advanced electronic signature solution: “Time frames for signature on Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from 1-2 weeks to a matter of an afternoon. Cost and time saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into paperless office.”

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The five principles for an effective Electronic Signature Online Service

February 10, 2012

Selecting the right service provider is significantly important. It is essential to ask many questions and review references from other clients. Always look for provider’s range of quality reliable products that deliver excellent performance and business benefits, not only for the lowest prices. The Secured Signing digital signature service offers an exceptional range of quality products and customised solutions that are second to none – and suitable for users from different types of businesses and industries worldwide. The ‘I Sign’, ‘We Sign’, ‘Form Filler’, and versatile ‘Form Direct’ can be used via the browsers of desktop PC, Mac, and many mobile devices. Secured Signing’s customised solutions provide API integration for systems – from e-mail branding up to a full private labelling option.

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Digital Signature boosts Efficiency and Security of Online Loan Services

December 2, 2011

What about security and trust, you may ask. We are all too well aware of these two components; they are of particular concern to any financial industry customer or service provider. The answer lies in the reliable digital signature solution that allows customers to sign their application online using the secured PKI digital signature technology. The customised technology and service guarantees proper controls, and is tailored to the financial provider and their customers’ needs whether they use the web, desktop, or mobile device (iPhone, iPad, or Androind).

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Digital Signature – Governments’ choice for electronic documents

September 15, 2011

Following the development of electronic products and services and worldwide legal recognition of electronic signatures, an increasing number of Ministries adopt digital signature technology for signing online electronic documents. The preferred choice seems very logical in light of the apparent ability to alter or copy electronic documents that can be used in unauthorized ways. The form of user-based PKI digital signature that utilises encryption technology to sign documents ensures that the signature is uniquely linked to the signatory and document, and that any changes can be immediately detected.

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Digital Signature delivers instant mass Invitations

September 8, 2011

The superior functionality, feature’s simplicity, legal compliance, and security level of the user-based PKI digital signature (advanced electronic signature) technology are second to none! The elimination of paper handling, reduced expenses, and satisfied end users who experience exceptional customer service – are all testimony to the effectiveness mentioned above.

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Digital Signature for Recruitment Completes the Paperless Solution for Hiring Staff

July 28, 2011

Secured Signing’s service enables recruitment agencies and their clients to digitally sign employment forms online, and experience the benefits of a timely, efficient, and compliant process.

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The Green Digital Signature

July 28, 2011

While saving paper, trees, and storage space, businesses who are using the Secured Signing online service are also cutting back on power consumption and reducing air pollution and dependence on carbon-producing services that would typically be required to move a document urgently cross-city / state just to have it signed off by an authorised representative.

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