Move Beyond Digital Signatures. The Future of Document Management for SMEs

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Sign documents on the go

The number of businesses set to improve their document management strategy is set to soar in the next decade, according to new research.

A study found the industry, which includes digital signing and automated workflows, is expected to grow rapidly heading toward 2028.

Secured Signing, the company that built the simplest document signing platform for small to medium businesses, said the surge is driven by the desire to streamline workflows. Digital platforms let small and medium businesses design better document processes.

Many small and medium-sized businesses believe the traditional way of processing documents needs a fix. Digital transformation helps to reimagine this traditional approach.

Cloud-based document management tools drive faster and easier workflows for millions of customers worldwide with the following benefits:

  • Convert all paper documents to branded digital forms
  • Set signature order
  • Eliminate document fraud with secure digital signatures
  • Streamline document workflow

Clients are discovering the practical benefits of a platform that puts people first. They report saving time, increasing customer satisfaction and improving onboarding for new employees and clients.

Convert any Form to Digital

Many businesses put off transitioning to digital because of the perceived hassle. However, migrating to a cloud-based document signing platform is a simple process.

With a tool like Secured Signing, clients can convert any form to digital. You can upload any paper document and the platform will turn it into a digital document.

The process is simple:

  1. Upload your current form
  2. Customize your form with your desired template
  3. Invite people to sign digitally
  4. Edit the email invitation

Working and living in the global and connected economy where more people access content from their mobile, users can view and sign documents on devices they use every day, wherever they are.

Speed up the Signing Process

Document management tools are growing because they simplify work and improve productivity.

For example, you can invite all customers, shareholders or employees to sign documents including company policies or waivers.

H&R Block opted for Secured Signing’s digital signing solution allowing agents to send up to a thousand contracts in one sitting, with agents and managers signing from wherever they are across the country.  There was a reduction in turnaround time, and staff praised the more convenient option.

Create Signature Workflows

One of the immediate benefits of digital systems is the ability to streamline workflows.

In many cases, deals are delayed because of incomplete documents. Our clients can list the order of signing and incomplete boxes are flagged before the invitee can return the document.

Notifications on Progress of Signatures

Users no longer have to do manual, and time-consuming, follow-ups to check the status of each document.

With Secured Signing, you can access a notification portal that provides an overview of the process, listing the signing status and last action. Users can also add reviewers to obtain approvals during the process, e.g. a manager or advisor. This approval is captured in a document log.


The research shows most businesses are moving towards digital document management, or they intend to do so. Small to medium businesses who don’t risk losing the competitive edge.

Efficient document management is an enterprise asset; protecting customers’ data and accelerating the pace of sales, new hires, and business development.

At the same time, we understand that switching to a new type of technology can be overwhelming and we work with our clients to make sure there’s no disruption during the transition.”

In answer to this challenge, Secured Signing has kept its packages simple.

There is no complicated pricing structure, and SMEs do not have to purchase expensive add-ons to gain the full benefit of the product. Our single package comes with all features a small to med business needs to digitize their document management so they can achieve more in the business areas that matter most.

Build Better Workflows. Start streamlining your document signing strategy today with Secured Signing.

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