Is paper holding your bookkeeping practice back?


Work Smarter with Secured Signing for Bookkeepers

Digital and automation have become popular business buzzwords and it makes sense why. Who wants to spend all day printing and scanning paper and completing repetitive tasks that can easily automated?

Technologies like digital signing by Secured Signing give organizations better ways to finalize contracts and build customer relations.

We will highlight 3 easy ways you can use digital tools to help you save time, cut costs and enable growth in your bookkeeping practice. 


1. Improve productivity

Process makes perfect. It’s a fact: businesses with clearly defined processes perform better. The thing with technology-based applications is this: digital tools streamline processes that are already working well. According to a Forrester survey, more than 40% of business leaders adopt digital tools to improve efficiencies. So, if you’ve got a well-structured workflow, implement automations on the routine, repetitive tasks.


2. Automate follow ups to avoid costly contract delays

How much time do you spend finalizing a contract? Add on the time it takes to chase down a signature, and you’re looking at days – even weeks – wasted. Not only that, but poor contract management  – including missed deadlines  – can end up costing you up to 40% more for supplied services, according to estimates from KPMG. The beauty of a digital-based platform is that it will send out the reminders for you, so you never miss a due date again. If you need to get a document signed, state your due date and the system automatically sends out reminders for you until the task is complete.


3. Reduce delays with data accuracy

One of the biggest problems with the paper-based processes is the potential for human error. Incomplete documents or incorrect information can add weeks onto the process, and they can be costly. More than 30% of the costs related to contacts can be reduced if you eliminate contract inaccuracies.

Document management can be a time-consuming process, but it’s the backbone of your bookkeeping practice. If you don’t embrace digital tools, you may get left behind with outdated processes that block growth. Finding the right digital signing solution lets you automate routine, resource-intensive tasks, so you can focus on adding value and pushing the business forward.


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