Secured Signing digital signatures with Video Confirmation provides best evidence of signer’s identity in the market

If you’re using digital signatures in your business, do you know who’s really signing your documents?

Now, more and more businesses just like yours are turning to video confirmation to make sure the signer is who they say they are.

Verifying digital signatures with Video Confirmation

It’s never been easier to sign documents online. But, it’s not always simple to identify the signatories.

Paul Bains is a U.S bankruptcy attorney. He used electronic signatures for clients bankruptcy petitions; however, the court rejected his petitions. There was no way to authenticate the identity of the signers – the signatures could easily have been forged, according to the ruling.

This is the kind of dispute your business wants to avoid.

Companies are using video confirmation to make sure their agreements signing process has appropriate evidence and will stand up in court.

Video confirmation is one of the only electronic signing methods vetted by the United Kingdom Law Commission.

How does video confirmation work?

With video conformation, your customer performs gestures specific to that document, creating a video of themselves that cannot be reasonably challenged.

How to use video confirmation with Secured Signing:

      1. Turn on video confirmation in Settings

         2.  Prepare your document
         3.  Enable the video confirmation option on the Invitation Workflow screen

    The process for the signee is simple and takes just a few seconds. It’s the same as the usual workflow, just with the addition of video:

    • A popup appears on the screen with clear instructions for the signer.

    • Your customer may be prompted to grant the web browser software access to the device’s camera.

    • The instructions for which gestures to perform will appear as an overlay on the video recording. (On mobile devices, the instructions will be given before recording.)

    Once the video confirmation is complete, you will receive a copy of the signed document. It contains data on the gestures the signer needed to perform and the location and password of the video.

    Look at  to check out how it is works

    Once the document has been signed you can watch the video and compare signer’s identity  against other forms of identification you have on file.

    Video confirmation is growing because it’s easy and impossible to dispute:

    • Identity confirmation is fast and tamper-proof

    • Access to the video link is secured by the PKI-based digital signature.

    • Gesture requirements are specific to document being signed

    • All signing and video actions are captured in the audit trail

    • It is free, no extra cost

    Your business can combine video confirmation with other steps to secure the signing process.

    Secured Signing offers two factor authentication. for  document access, the signee enters a pin sent to their mobile phone.

    These controls work with the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protocol, the only proven technology to prevent forgeries. The final document contains details – including an audit trail and the origin of the signature – that prove identity.

    Video confirmation in action

    The financial services industry is one of the biggest users of digital signatures.

    Video confirmation provides new levels of security and authentication for finance companies.

    Typically, someone applying for a loan must travel to a branch to complete paperwork. It’s a cumbersome process that puts potential customers off.

    Now imagine this scenario: the lender can verify their identity from wherever they are, using video confirmation and their mobile device.

    Once verified, the funds are dispersed.


    Protect your business with Video Confirmation

    In the digital world, keeping pace with technology will help you gain customers, increase your competitiveness and reduce churn.

    Access simple digital signatures with Secured Signing. You have peace of mind, without compromising your customers or the validity of your business agreements.

    It’s easier than ever to sign online. Start using video confirmation today to make sure it’s safe, too.