Secured Signing Announces Mid-Year Release 2019

With our latest mid-year release, Secured Signing continues to deliver on being the leading digital signature software for all your digital signing needs.

Our new features allow you to take any paper process and replicate this in a digital way. Meaning our signing software can be configured to your specific needs as a simple out of the box solution. Any new features are automatically available to all plans.

We are happy to tell you about our latest key enhancements and features, which includes:

Batch Signing

A Secured Signing account owner (Paid or Free) who is invited to sign many documents can now sign all documents with one click. For example, a manager who needs to sign multiple different letters, can now sign all these documents in one click.

To start batch signing > go to My Invitations page. 

Simply tick the documents you want to sign together and press the ‘Batch Sign’ button. 

View Sent Emails

View all email communications sent to your invitees during a signing process, including signing invitations, reminder & completion emails. All of these can be exported, ideal for seeing what has been sent and record keeping.  

To view emails, go to the ‘In-Progress’ tab -> click on the envelope icon as shown below.

Form Filler Enhancements

We’ve made further improvements to Form Filler, including a new range of fonts, font colour, automatic text box scaling with font size and configure the signed document name, giving you more control over the format of your templates in the HTML and final PDF document.

SMS and Email Delivery, Failure Notification

Receive live notifications if an SMS or an Email fails to deliver, meaning the email address or mobile phone number is incorrect. You can than update the Email address or mobile phone number easily in the Progress Tab, by clicking the document status icon, and editing the invitee details, without having to start a new signing process.  

Secured Signing for Bullhorn Is Now Live

We’re proud to expand our integration ecosystem, with Bullhorn CRM for Staffing & Recruitment agencies as the latest addition.

Secured Signing for Bullhorn provides a one stop digital signature solution that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities

Using advanced, personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.

Shift to a paperless recruitment process. Never chase a client or candidate for a signature again with paper-free, digital signing software!

With just a few clicks in Bullhorn you can send contracts, onboarding forms, quotes, compliance forms, and other documents to clients & candidates for signing on any device.

To learn more, please visit our integration page for Bullhorn.

Updated Public Forms

We’ve updated our government public forms with the latest version. This includes the New Tax Declaration Form in Australia and Inland Revenue Department IR330 from in New Zealand.

Also added a new combined form for Kiwisaver in New Zealand, the invitee is asked if they want to opt into our optout of Kiwisaver. Based on the answer, the appropriate form presents.  


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