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5 Reasons Gov Agencies and Councils Embrace Digital Signatures

November 24, 2023

Government departments and local councils face a dual challenge: streamlining operations while safeguarding sensitive information and reducing environmental impact. The sheer volume of paperwork inundating these organizations necessitates a shift toward digitalization. As paper-based processes give way to digital applications, the cornerstone of this transition rests on digital signatures. These electronic “fingerprints” validate document authenticity […]

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Byron Shire Council selects Secured Signing as their Digital Signature provider

May 27, 2022

Byron Shire Council selects Secured Signing giving them the ability to sign documents without having to physically send them around, monitor and track documents, trust that they are signed securely, saving money and time.

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Lockyer Valley Regional Council enhances document security with Secured Signing

May 8, 2022

Lockyer Valley Regional Council continues to use Secured Signing across the organisation as their Enterprise Digital Signing platform. The Secured Signing platform allows the council to meet its document security requirements, gain visibility of documents that need to be signed, and improve time efficiency.

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Secured Signing is approved and listed on the New Zealand All of Government (AoG) Marketplace

December 2, 2021

Secured Signing, 100% owned and operated New Zealand SaaS company, can now be selected by New Zealand government agencies as part of the All of Government Marketplace, Managed Services – Digital Experience Platform Services.

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Secured Signing provides a digital signature integration with Content Manager, a document management system

March 15, 2021

Secured Signing provides a digital signature integration with Content Manager, TRIM, a document management system.
Staff can initiate a document signing process directly from within Content Manager, and after it has been signed by one or more parties, the signed document will automatically be saved back into the record it was initiated from.

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DeKalb County selects Secured Signing as their Digital Signing Solution

November 5, 2020

DeKalb County Government, in the Atlanta, has selected Secured Signing’s cloud-based digital signing and online forms platform to aid in the automation and signing of vital documents within their daily operations.

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Local government shares insights on implementing digital signing

October 12, 2020

Secured Signing had the pleasure of talking with Matamata-Piako District Council’s Jo Gifford on how digitizing their signing processes has helped them deliver on their strategic sustainability goals. We dove deep into why digital signing was required, the preparation required before implementing digital signing and what Jo learnt along the way. Main drivers for going […]

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Digital Signature – Governments’ choice for electronic documents

September 15, 2011

Following the development of electronic products and services and worldwide legal recognition of electronic signatures, an increasing number of Ministries adopt digital signature technology for signing online electronic documents. The preferred choice seems very logical in light of the apparent ability to alter or copy electronic documents that can be used in unauthorized ways. The form of user-based PKI digital signature that utilises encryption technology to sign documents ensures that the signature is uniquely linked to the signatory and document, and that any changes can be immediately detected.

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