DeKalb County selects Secured Signing as their Digital Signing Solution

DeKalb County Government, in the Atlanta, GA metropolitan area, the governing body of over 760,000 people, has selected Secured Signing’s cloud-based digital signing and online forms platform to aid in the automation and signing of vital documents within their daily operations.

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, DeKalb County Government, like many other organizations had to mobilize their workforce in a virtual platform.

“Many departments did not have a method of automation around signatures for vital records and contracts that allowed daily operations to continue,” says Felicia Green, Deputy CIO at DeKalb County Government.

“We identified Secured Signing as a solution to quickly adopt and provide a level of automation and continuity in various high traffic departments including Legal, Purchasing, Executive Offices, and Courts to sustain a smooth operation.”

The onset of COVID shifted the culture that was previously paper based to now function in a completely virtual environment. This shift translated to increased efficiency, the tracking to documents electronically and the ability to move through internal processes at a faster rate.

DeKalb County’s ideal solution was one that had easy ramp up and administration, without the use of complex integrations. The tool would be easy to adopt and socialize through the organization and allowed for quick user trainings and configuration based on user needs to begin immediate use, migration away from paper-based signatures, and physical touch workflow processes.

In evaluating other vendors, Secured Signing was a cost-effective solution during the initial onset of COVID to pay via credit card.

Secured Signing offered an intuitive solution that provided signing workflow capabilities and streamlined the organization’s signing procedures. The ability to track and monitor documents at every touchpoint of the signing process ensured the right people were signing the right documents at the right time. This gave DeKalb County Government the peace of mind to proceed with Secured Signing as their digital signing solution.

For complex signing processes, Secured Signing had inbuilt capacity if required, which further validated the signing platform as the ideal choice.

Once DeKalb County Government was able to see the benefits and had thoroughly tested the product, they were ready to roll out Secured Signing to the wider organization.

“The process to transition to an enterprise plan was a seamless process when our needs changed accompanied with competitive pricing options.”

This is a key decision point for a County Government to keep cost in mind but empower a robust solution that offers scalable growth for future needs.

Mike Eyal, Managing Director at Secured Signing is pleased with the outcome.

“DeKalb County Government’s ability to successfully adopt Secured Signing within their organization, during these difficult times, is a testament to our teams’ willingness to deliver an effective solution. Our ongoing training and support allow businesses the opportunity to scale our platform up within their business operations.”

Secured Signing’s digital signing platform provided a multitude of features: unlimited number of signers, templates and fillable forms, out-of-the-box security through PKI digital signatures, as well as notarization and video signing capabilities to ensure effective use across all departments.

DeKalb County digitally executes thousands of documents using Secured Signing’s platform.

About DeKalb County Government

DeKalb County Government is the government body that provides Public Safety, Court Services, Water Supply and Distribution, Parks and Recreation, and other core Constituent Services to residents of DeKalb County in the greater metropolitan Atlanta, GA area. DeKalb County is Georgia’s fourth most populous County; comprised of 13 major cities (~760K in population). For more information visit

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing is a SaaS digital signing and online forms platform that uses the most secure technology, PKI encryption technology (the same encryption technology as what banks use and blockchain is built on). Secured Signing is headquartered in New Zealand, where it was founded in 2010. It has clients in 30 countries, including tax accountants H&R Block, Adecco and Manpower. For more information visit

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