Lockyer Valley Regional Council enhances document security with Secured Signing

Lockyer Valley Regional Council continues to use Secured Signing across the organisation as their Enterprise Digital Signing platform.

The Secured Signing platform allows the council to meet its document security requirements, gain visibility of documents that need to be signed, and improve time efficiency.

When evaluating digital signature providers, traceability of document flow was a key consideration.

“Definitely there is traceability with the audit trails but is also the completion emails being invaluable for records management with the right departments getting the right documents at the right time,” says Ajana Ranatunge, Coordinator ICT Projects and Business Operations for Lockyer Valley Regional Council. “From Payroll to HR, the workflows operate well and ensure nothing goes unnoticed.”

With the general workflows set up for their document signing processes, Secured Signing enabled staff to get things done efficiently and stress-free.

“Whether it’s certificates, community notifications, food licenses, we utilize Secured Signing everywhere in the organization. Working from home or getting a customer to sign a document has never been easier than with Secured Signing.”

Lockyer Valley Regional Council started off with a small group of people involving key personnel who were interested in using digital signatures for their specific use case of generating letters. It was a small project, but it was easy to see the opportunity that implementing a digital signature system would provide the organization.

The change management process for Lockyer Valley was straightforward as they had recently undertaken a Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint implementation prior to implementing Secured Signing.

“There was hesitation amongst some staff around implementation of digital signatures, but once we ran through the system and had a trial period, there was greater buy-in and adoption.”

Today, Lockyer Valley has 60 people using Secured Signing.

“At the end of the day, it is only the originator of the document that needs an account, and the other 300 staff can simply receive the documents and sign them. We do not even need to show people how to use the system. For example, when a new staff member joins, the product champion, or functional leaders as we call them, will undertake all the training.”

If the council did require support or additional training, Secured Signing were quick to respond.

“Additional feature requests have been developed by Secured Signing for the Council. Gal Thompson (CEO at Secured Signing) and Mike Eyal (Founder and CTO of Secured Signing) listened to our concerns and with quick turnaround, the features were available to Lockyer Valley Regional Council, as well as any user within the Secured Signing platform.”

Lockyer Valley Regional Council continues to use Secured Signing and has been seeing increased interest in the digital signature space. An example being local Australian councils approaching Ajana for a referral, which he is happy to give.

“We’ve started to see a readiness in many organizations to digitize their documents,” says Geoff Thompson, Enterprise Sales Director at Secured Signing. “This comes down to three main things- document and signature security, enabling staff to securely work from anywhere, and document flow efficiency. Secured Signing is more than a digital signature platform, it also helps businesses streamline their document processes, which is of great value, as seen in Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s case.”

For more information contact Secured Signing at www.securedsigning.com/contact