Byron Shire Council selects Secured Signing as their Digital Signature provider

A comparison of digital signature providers led Byron Shire Council, an Australian local government organization, to select Secured Signing. The primary requirement for adopting a digital signature solution was for signing license and leases for properties.

The council’s rationalization for digitizing was around efficiency, removing paper, and saving time spent moving documents around internally and externally. The solution needed to integrate with their document management system, Content Manager. Colin had feedback from another Australian Council that the quality of integration between Secured Signing and Content Manager integration was a reason they had changed to Secured Signing, after previously being let down by another Digital Signature provider.

After doing their own due diligence and talking to surrounding councils, Byron Shire Council made the decision to go ahead with Secured Signing as their digital signature provider.

“Moving forward, we will expand on that current footprint. We want to expand the use of Secured Signing to new employees within the HR department, for employee contracts.”

                – Colin Baker, Manager Business Systems and Technology at Byron Shire Council.

“Secured Signing allows the council to get documents signed online which typically was a process that might take weeks to complete.”

The Secured Signing flexible pricing structure allowed Byron Shire Council to implement the solution across their organization on an as-needed, or on-demand, basis. This approach means that the council can start small and then look to scale up the digital signature solution.

“Organizations come to us with concerns around pricey technology contracts which is where we stand apart from our competitors,” says Geoff Thompson, Enterprise Sales Director at Secured Signing. “Our pricing is simple and based on the number of documents (or files) that you send for signing and the number of document owners/senders that you require to have access to Secured Signing’s digital signature platform.”

The Secured Signing onboarding process allowed for easy implementation for the Byron Shire Council’s teams. This was supplemented by the help guides that Secured Signing provides with two-minute videos demonstrating specific features within the platform. These videos assist in training and are easy to send off to whoever needs them.

“From a support point of view, your Customer Success Lead, Merita Valkeapaa, was great at providing training and ongoing support in the initial stages of implementation. There was an instance where we wanted to get a couple of other teams up and running so we scheduled an hour-long session, which we were happy to pay for. However, we were pleasantly surprised and advised that there would be no cost or consulting fee.”

Byron Shire Council says that Secured Signing gives them the ability to sign documents without having to physically send them around, monitor and track documents, trust that they are signed securely, saving money and time from an efficiency point of view.

“Secured Signing is an elegant solution to improve efficiency and go digital.”

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a comprehensive and compliant Software as a Service platform that utilizes the secure, personalized, X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and enables the customization of a full range of eForm and eSignature capabilities.

Secured Signing was founded in 2008 by TME Consulting Ltd., a privately owned New Zealand company established in 2003. Secured Signing has built its activities based on the extensive knowledge and experience of its team of experts in the development of data security products and technology that serve a wide range of industries worldwide.

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