Secured Signing provides a digital signature integration with Content Manager, a document management system

Content Manager users now have the option to send documents for digital signing directly from within Content Manager, thanks to a new integration with Secured Signing

Demand for digital signing has increased during COVID-19, as organizations look for a method that ensures the integrity of a signed document without having to print, manually sign, then post or scan to return.


The integration means that staff can initiate a document for signing directly from within Content Manager, and after it has been signed by one or more parties, the signed document will automatically be saved back into the record it was initiated from.


Many organizations are experiencing efficiency gains in both time and resource savings, as well as improved capture of signed agreements. Several councils no longer need to print a document for council packs and have eliminated associated courier costs.


A City Council using the new software integration has said “they’ve been waiting years for a solution like this”.


Now we can send documents for signing within Content Manager and once the document has been signed it gets checked into the right record location saving a lot of double-handling.”


Digital signing in Content Manager through Secured Signing will not only mean it is quicker and simpler for users to sign, but it will also provide a clear audit trail of the signing process.


Mike Eyal, Secured Signing founder and Managing Director, says, “it is another amazing tool that Secured Signing provides to enterprise customers to initiate the signing process directly from their document management system. The
integrated solution gives users the ability to implement most of Secured Signing’s many features, as well as having a simplified one step login that creates efficiency and better control to manage the signing process in an all-in-one platform.”


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Secured Signing is a SaaS digital signing and online forms platform that uses the most secure technology, PKI encryption technology (the same encryption technology as what banks use and blockchain is built on).


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