Product Enhancements 2020: A Year In Review

2020 was a big year for us with many new product enhancements within the Secured Signing platform. We were able to listen to our customers, gather feedback, and implement some of the best digital signing solutions in the market right now.

Trends toward meeting online with clients to explain agreements, while upholding compliance policies, grew significantly over 2020. The signing of agreements securely, in an all in one online session was essential to some businesses continuing their operations. The spread of Covid -19 sped up the use of online signing with video calls within many industries and their different processes. Our all-in-one video signing solution provides a seamless experience for you and your clients with real-time audio-video conferencing and secure document signing:

· Faster document signing

· Improved client experience

· Increase compliance

· Less deal abandonment

· Recording for evidence

· Better user authentication

When you’re getting documents signed digitally, it’s legally important that you can identify who’s signing, prove their intent and ensure document integrity. We think we have delivered this to our customers.

Remote Online Notarization

Our latest enhancement featuring Secured Signing technology led to an end-to-end platform for the Remote Online Notarization of documents. Built upon our powerful signing solution, we incorporated the many aspects needed for notaries to sign and notarize  documents online with an extensive range of features that provides:

  • Identity proofing and credential analysis, through dynamic knowledge-based authentication and ID verification
  • ID visual check during the RON meeting
  • Audio-visual conferencing technology and recording, through our video signing feature
  • Electronic Notary Journal
  • Federal Bridge digital certificate capability
  • Electronic Notary e-Seal capability

Our platform is now the most advanced for notaries wanting to complete remote online notarizations, and we have many new product enhancements to the Notary platform in the pipeline. We built a platform that allows Notaries, title companies and more to run their Notary business.

Nominate Your Witness

With a diverse product offering, Secured Signing is always looking for ways to further meet our customer needs. One instance of this is our new feature allowing a sender to nominate the witness. In some industries, necessary for senders to have this option, as they may not need to sign the document, but simply witness that the document has been signed. This is especially true within the legal industry where the lawyer is required to witness and confirm that the signing process has in fact taken place.

With this in mind, we added the new feature within the We Sign process where the witness can be nominated by the invitee or the sender:

  • Sender can nominate the witness before sending the documents out for signing.

Invitee can nominate the witness before they sign the document.

Authentication Methods

Identifying and authenticating the person signing before allowing document access is key in the security process. Secure document access can be tailored to your signing process or document value, from basic authentication types like an email with a passcode to a more advanced approach including ID verification.

When authenticating your invitees, you can select from an array of options:

  • 4-digit Email – Pass Code
  • Secured Signing Password
  • SMS
  • ID Verification / SMS + ID Verification
  • KBA (US only)/  SMS + KBA
  • KBA + ID Verification / + SMS

Authentication before document access has never been more flexible and robust.

Authentication type can be set to a default setting and can be adjusted on the go depending on your signing process. Based on an organization’s compliance standards and policies, you can also set up the system to have a blanket authentication process across your organization, with your senders unable to adjust.



2021 is well underway, and we are always looking for ways to improve our customer’s experience. If you have any suggestions on product enhancements, please contact us and let us know of any improvements, add-ons, or general feedback you have.

Here’s to an even greater year of Secure Document Signing document signing!