Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Complete and Sign CrimeTrac Form Online

Due to compliance with statutory requirements, when a candidate applies for certain positions in the public sector, an employment screening and police check is required. In other cases, initiation of this process may come from an individual who requires a national police check as part of an employment screening, pre-requisite for volunteer work, or to satisfy a legal obligation. CrimTrac is now a part of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Why Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Secured Signing transforms the NATIONAL POLICE CHECKING SERVICE (NPCS), APPLICATION/CONSENT FORM, (ACCREDITED AGENCIES – CUSTOMERS) to an entirely electronic process that incorporates the highly secured Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signatures technology.

Following completion and signing by employee and authorised person at the organisation, the Secured Signing system seals the document and enables the account owner to automatically export and submit it in CrimTrac’s required format to a CrimTrac accredited broker that can be found here.

This police check App is available with CrimeTrac only in Australia.

How Secured Signing for Crimtrac Works

  1. Invite employee to fill-in and eSign the CrimeTrac Form.
  2. Once completed, click on CrimeTrac icon in the dashboard.

3. Select the form you want to submit and press submit to CrimTrac broker.

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Cost Center For Departments or Memberships

Cost center for Departments or Memberships

Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s signing processes! 

At its core, the hierarchy structure our Enterprise account is all about creating a personalisedd experience for every user, regardless of their engagement. 

Users have access to wide range of benefits and resources that are specifically designed to meet business processes effectively.  

Enterprise - Cost Center

So, what does an Enterprise Account membership looks like?

Hierarchy structure for our Enterprise

How does it work?

Membership level is the enterprise account for a company or a brand. 

You can have more than one membership account for each of your brands or companies within a group of companies. 

To add more membership accounts please contact Secured Signing Support. 

Once a membership has been created you can now build accounts (your users in the company) and group them create to a group. You can also create subgroups, with users included in multiple groups and subgroups. 

For example, create a group called Head Office and then sub-groups such as Legal Department, HR, Marketing, etc. 

Each account can belong to more than one group.

Multiple brands in enterprise account

Multiple brands in
Enterprise Account

Create a cohesive and recognizable document signing identity!

Secured Signing’s multiple branding in an Enterprise Account, creates a professional and memorable brand identity that stands out in your client’s inboxes.

Multiple Branding - Set up

Key Benefits of Multiple branding in Enterprise Account

• Consistent branding

Keep a consistently branded signing process with your company’s logo, color scheme, and font choices.

• Increase engagement

Personalized and visually appealing emails are more likely to grab your clients’ attention and increase their engagement with your brand.

• Personalized Content

Create personalized branding that speaks to your clients’ interests and needs, ensuring that your emails are engaging and relevant.

• Build brand recognition

Consistent branding across all channels will help your audience recognize your brand and remember it for future interactions.

Multiple Branding features

  • Email Branding – Customizable email templates that reflect your brand’s personality and values. From font formats and logo, Secured Signing’s multiple branding solution can help take your workflow to the next level.
  • WeSign Branding – Extend your brand identity to when your clients are signing! Secured Signing’s WeSign branding allows users to customize the signing page of the process. Keeping the workflow consistent and seamless. 
  • URL Re-direct Branding – as  a part of your document signing process, your clients can be redirected to your website. URL Redirect Branding can redirect signers to any page and is ideal for providing further instructions for signers to complete after a document has signed.

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Organisation Dashboard (Enterprise Admin Portal) and management tool.

Organisation Dashboard

Enterprise Admin Portal and Management Tool

Gain comprehensive visibility of your organization’s operations with Secured Signing’s Enterprise Admin Portal!

Large organizations require strategic and efficient processes to achieve business goals. 

That’s why Secured Signing developed Enterprise Admin Portal that can help users manage and keep track of its processes. 

Organisation Dashboard - Filler

Admin Portal allows you to add or remove users, update settings and templates + view document statuses across the different departments in your company!

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Document Witnessing

Document Witnessing

Secure and convenient signing for your legal documents!

Secured Signing’s Document Witnessing provides a simple and secure way to get your documents signed whether you are at home, in the office or on the go!

With Secured Signing’s digital signature software, you can add a witness signature to your documents, ensuring its legally binding and fully verified.

Document Witnessing allows users to add one or more than one witness
for the Invitees. 

A witness has the same security level as an Invitee. If the Invitee has Video Confirmation or SMS authentication to access the document, the witness will carry out the same process to complete the signing successfully.

Document Witness - Add Witness Signer

Document Witnessing in action!

Say goodbye to the inconvenience and expense of traditional document witnessing.

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Collaboration made easy with Secured Signing’s Single-Sign On Compatibility.

Secured Signing’s simple, smart and secure operations will ensure your organization’s processes are seamless and hassle-free. 

By connecting your Secured Signing account to  your organization’s SSO provider, there is no need to login twice to both accounts.

Advanced Feature - SSO

MFA (SMS / Authenticator)

Multi-factor Authentication

MFA via SMS or Authenticator App

Multi-Factor Authentication is a security mechanism that requires Secured Signing users to provide multiple forms of authentication before granting access to their accounts. 

MFA helps increase the security authentication process by making it more difficult for unauthorized users to gain access. 

Secured Signing users can choose between two authentication types:
SMS or via an Authenticator App

By requiring multiple forms or authentication, Secured Signing helps user protect their account against unauthorised access, particularly in cases where passwords are stolen or compromised. 

MFA - Enable

Multi-factor Authentication Benefits

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SMS Authentication

SMS Authentication

Worried of sending documents to the wrong invitee?

Secured Signing’s SMS authentication is a two-way authentication type that involves the Invitee’s email address and a one-time code sent via SMS to verify
the identity of the user.

SMS authentication feature is commonly used as an additional layer of security for signing digitally. This way users can guarantee that the correct invitee will receive the signing invitation and ensure that only authorized users are able to access
the document.

When choosing the SMS authentication type: invitees will receive two notifications: an email and SMS, once the blue button’s been clicked it will trigger a SMS
including a 6-digit passcode to access the document. 

SMS Authentication - Sample

Needs to View (process without signature)

Needs to View

Secured Signing’s document workflow just got better with Needs to View invitee type!

Needs to View is an Invitee Type that requires to open and view the document without providing a Signature. As being part of the signing process, this Invitee type will be included in the documentation of the process. 

Just like any signer in the process, needs to view Invitee can be assigned with the existing authentication methods for document access such as passcode, KBA, IDV and SMS.

With Needs to View’s additional flexibility, users can add both Invitee types: Signer and Viewer to a document as well as package document. An Invitee can be signer for one document, and a viewer on the second one. 

Needs to View - Add Invitee