Multiple brands in
Enterprise Account

Create a cohesive and recognizable document signing identity!

Secured Signing’s multiple branding in an Enterprise Account, creates a professional and memorable brand identity that stands out in your client’s inboxes.

Multiple Branding - Set up

Key Benefits of Multiple branding in Enterprise Account

• Consistent branding

Keep a consistently branded signing process with your company’s logo, color scheme, and font choices.

• Increase engagement

Personalized and visually appealing emails are more likely to grab your clients’ attention and increase their engagement with your brand.

• Personalized Content

Create personalized branding that speaks to your clients’ interests and needs, ensuring that your emails are engaging and relevant.

• Build brand recognition

Consistent branding across all channels will help your audience recognize your brand and remember it for future interactions.

Multiple Branding features

  • Email Branding – Customizable email templates that reflect your brand’s personality and values. From font formats and logo, Secured Signing’s multiple branding solution can help take your workflow to the next level.
  • WeSign Branding – Extend your brand identity to when your clients are signing! Secured Signing’s WeSign branding allows users to customize the signing page of the process. Keeping the workflow consistent and seamless. 
  • URL Re-direct Branding – as  a part of your document signing process, your clients can be redirected to your website. URL Redirect Branding can redirect signers to any page and is ideal for providing further instructions for signers to complete after a document has signed.

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