Cost center for Departments or Memberships

Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s signing processes! 

At its core, the hierarchy structure our Enterprise account is all about creating a personalisedd experience for every user, regardless of their engagement. 

Users have access to wide range of benefits and resources that are specifically designed to meet business processes effectively.  

Enterprise - Cost Center

So, what does an Enterprise Account membership looks like?

Hierarchy structure for our Enterprise

How does it work?

Membership level is the enterprise account for a company or a brand. 

You can have more than one membership account for each of your brands or companies within a group of companies. 

To add more membership accounts please contact Secured Signing Support. 

Once a membership has been created you can now build accounts (your users in the company) and group them create to a group. You can also create subgroups, with users included in multiple groups and subgroups. 

For example, create a group called Head Office and then sub-groups such as Legal Department, HR, Marketing, etc. 

Each account can belong to more than one group.