Notary: Spanish Translation For Signers In WeSign and RON

Digital signature and remote online notarization with Secured Signing

With the Spanish Translation For Signers In WeSign and RON, you can translate the entire We Sign or RON signing processes to Spanish for signers, including the Notaries and Signing Hosts for a RON transaction.

You can enable this with the Default Language setting at My Account > My Settings in your Secured Signing account, or Settings > My Account Settings in the Enterprise Portal.

There you will find a dropdown with 3 options; English, Español and Invitee Choose which allows you to make the choice on the fly. As such you may select Spanish for one signer and English for another.

The ‘English’ setting keeps the signing process exactly as it was before, completely in English. Choosing ‘Español’ however, will translate the entire signing process instructions to Spanish in We Sign and RON, as shown with the indicators in the Invitation Workflow below.

If you selected Invitee Choose as your default, you may select English or Spanish for individual signers in the Invitation Workflow. Or allow signers to change the language themselves in the ‘Secure Document Access’ page or the signing page. Document Access: Invitees can select their language on the top-right. Signing Page: Invitees can select their language on the top-right.

NOTE: You may want to translate your email invitation script to Spanish and label Spanish Language Invite. Selecting that at the last step prior to sending the emails out buy clicking on Edit Email Invitation within the Green Stripe show above. From the below popup select Email Template > Select Dropdown icon > Choose Spanish Language Invite > Update > Send. This will change the outboud email to this individual signer only, for other signers repeat the process. Once sent your default choice of email invites will reinstate.

Notary: Uploading multiple documents to create a package

When uploading “Packages” containing multiple individual documents you MUST wait until all documents appear in the “Check document list” before selecting Next.

check document list - multiple docs to a package

When navigating to the next or prior document for applying fields use the “Package Documents” drop down list, DO NOT Select NEXT

When all elements have been added to the documents select “Next” to send the email invites. If a popup then occurs asking you to add a signer that is not on the document displayed, select “It’s Okay Skip”. Click NEXT again and the emails will go out.

Notary: Template Creation for RON

This article covers the process to tag and save a document as a template with Secured Signing.

It is sometimes necessary to revert to a saved document when a previous tagged document has become corrupt before or during a signing session. To save time we suggest that on large documents you create that document as a template > Login then select the TEMPLATES tab.

save a document as a template - template creation for ron


creating a new template - template creation for ron

Select Upload, access the document and when populated below the gray rectangle click  Create Template.

Then prepare the document as per usual. Notice in the below document the signers are not yet identified, labeled only signer 1 and Signer 2 etc. You can also place text box’s, dates etc. This naming convention will continue throughout the template’s creation. Make notes as to who signer 1 will be, signer 2 etc.

mark up the document - template creator for ron

The same naming procedure will apply to the notaries cells as well. When complete select Save as Template. And click SAVE in next screen as well.

save as a template - template creation

When ready to assign signer & notary at Step 2 select from Template dropdown that file “SS Loan Mod Nate…” then Next

using the template - template creation for ron

When you get to the screen that requires entry of the signers/notary, enter/select the respective names then Next.

add details - template creation for ron

The next step “Tagging” will be completed automatically based on the template’s fields. As seen below the name of the signers now appear in the signature boxes, the same will apply to the notaries name on the page required to sign/stamp.

Notary: RON Self Testing Procedures

Best procedure for self-testing the end-to-end RON process on our platform using your own computer(s)

Login as the notary > RON > Upload a document > Add signer (this should be yourself using a different email address) continue the process as per normal selecting the ID method as personally known. Proceed to the point where you are in the meeting room BUT have not selected “Join Meeting”. You can repeat this process as much as you like without being charged for a recording. When you do a complete end to end you will be charge and yes, it is necessary to make that investment. This process will display both the notary and signer side and make the RON process much more understandable.

Option 1: As the signer access your email preferably on another computer, if not you can use a cell phone. Complete the signing noting the interaction between the signer and notary.

Option 2: Using one computer access the Secured Signing Platform using chrome browser as the notary. On the same computer open another chrome browser using incognito mode. Often this will allow for display of both the signer and notary through one camera.

Option 3: Using one computer access the Secured Signing Platform using chrome browser as the notary. Using the same computer open Microsoft’s Edge browser and access the signers email invite there.

Next step: Enlist the assistance of a friend to act as the signer, again checking “Personally Known” as the IDV process. Continue to make the investment to hone your skills as a professional RON notary.

Regardless of the option selected it is VERY IMPORTANT to practice the end-to-end process to thoroughly understand the interactions between signer/notary.

Notary: RON Workflow

RON Process Setup & Execution Pathway

Login > RON > Package OR Single Document > Select document > MISMO Yes/No > Next > Notary/Queue > Schedule Date/Time > Chose ID Type > Next > Enter signers eMail address > Add Witness/Add Guest > Next > Enter Journal Elements > Start Tagging > Add Invitee > Add Form Fields > Add Notary Signature > Next Send

In Session Workflow

Login > My Invitations > Fill & Sign > Go To Meeting Room > Start Meeting (if signer present) > Signer Side = Click in eMail invitation “Click to Join”> Enter 4 digit passcode > Join

Share Screen >  Click blue icon at 3:30 on wheel > Select ENABLE FILLING/SIGN/SCREEN SHARE Signer Side Ok > Share Screen > Ok > Signer selects data/signature fields and completes signing > Green popup appear at top right indicating all items are complete.

Notary selects ENABLE FILLING/SIGN/SCREEN SHARE > Sign > Ok > Notary selects data/signature fields and completed signing > Green popup appear at top right indicating all items are complete > Click red icon to end session > End meeting

This reviews the basic workflow, please practice these procedures playing the role of both notary and signer.

Check out our video below.

Suggest review of 3 important PDF exhibits: Adding Fields During a Session, Failed IDV Procedure and Rescheduling a Session

Notary: RON Introduction Script

Boilerplate script for Notary introducing a RON session to a Signer.

Please confirm with your Sec of State and additional requirements

  1. Hello ___ Can you hear and see me clearly
  2. Do you agree to allow this session to be recorded
  3. Do you agree to having this notarial event conducted pursuant to the “Your State” remote online notarizations statutes.
  4. Do you understand the contents of the documents you are about to sign
  5. Are you signing these documents of your own free will

Note for Florida notaries there at special additional questions that must be ask. Please consult your Florida notary manual and add below.

Notary: ID Proof Process

There are two elements that support the identity verification process, the notary journal, and the live ID Verification confirmation screen available to the notary during the RON session.

Below is a sample journal entry showing the Date/Time/Act/Doc Description/Pages/Signer/Address/Notes(if any)/ID used & KBA passed status/Video Record Access Link & Passcode/Venue/Doc ID.

The other verification occurs live during the session when the notary clicks on the ID verification link on our platform. As shown below it displays the front and back of the ID that was forensically examined to be genuine, a larger image of the front of the ID more clearly showing the face on that ID. To the right is the image of the live selfie taken during the ID validation process that is biometrically compared to the face on the ID. Below that is the Date/Time of the examination, below that is that ID’s data that’s transposed from the ID. Finally on the large screen is a live display of the signer wherein the notary could ask the signer to hold up the ID that was determined to be valid for the traditional stare and compare process.

Notary: How to add the notary as a witness to a signature

In the below example we show two witnesses one of which is the notary. Enter the notaries email address and name as a witness and assign to whom they will be a witness for.

At the doc prep stage select the notary as witness from the +Add Invitee dropdown. When adding the notary as the notary select from Add Notary Signature. From that point proceed as usual.

adding a witness document prep for ron with secured signing

Notary: Need to view credible witness

Using RON select Add Signer as Personally Known, then select Add Signer again for the 2 witnesses

Needs to view credible witnes with secured signing

At the journal entry frame in the notes field indicate the identity methods as seen below.

Needs to view credible witnes identity methods with secured signing

After prepping the data/signer fields move to Add Invitee “the witnesses”, then and select + Add needs to View for each.

needs to view credible witness document preparation

From the popup select the witnesses. 

After clicking Select, show in the above, the below elements will appear on the document, select Next

needs to view credible witness next

After selecting Next the invite frame will appear indicating the witnesses as “Viewer”.

needs to view credible witness document preparation

The balance of the session is as per usual.

Notary: How to add a Guest to a notarial session

Login > RON > Complete steps 1 & 2 of the 5 step process > Next > Schedule > At step 3 below after adding Signer click  + Add Guest. The guest ID default should be “Personal Knowledge” Continue as usual.

add a guest to a notarial session with secured signing