Notary: RON Self Testing Procedures

Best procedure for self-testing the end-to-end RON process on our platform using your own computer(s)

Login as the notary > RON > Upload a document > Add signer (this should be yourself using a different email address) continue the process as per normal selecting the ID method as personally known. Proceed to the point where you are in the meeting room BUT have not selected “Join Meeting”. You can repeat this process as much as you like without being charged for a recording. When you do a complete end to end you will be charge and yes, it is necessary to make that investment. This process will display both the notary and signer side and make the RON process much more understandable.

Option 1: As the signer access your email preferably on another computer, if not you can use a cell phone. Complete the signing noting the interaction between the signer and notary.

Option 2: Using one computer access the Secured Signing Platform using chrome browser as the notary. On the same computer open another chrome browser using incognito mode. Often this will allow for display of both the signer and notary through one camera.

Option 3: Using one computer access the Secured Signing Platform using chrome browser as the notary. Using the same computer open Microsoft’s Edge browser and access the signers email invite there.

Next step: Enlist the assistance of a friend to act as the signer, again checking “Personally Known” as the IDV process. Continue to make the investment to hone your skills as a professional RON notary.

Regardless of the option selected it is VERY IMPORTANT to practice the end-to-end process to thoroughly understand the interactions between signer/notary.

Do you need anything else?