Secured Signing for Bullhorn: Features, and enhancements

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We’re excited to share the latest updates to Secured Signing for Bullhorn! This month’s New Features and Enhancements focus on empowering recruiters across the onboarding and recruitment lifecycle within Bullhorn’s CRM/ATS. 


Secured Signing’s collaborative team are always at the helm in developing amazing, new, and innovative ways to engage Bullhorn users by delivering new features and platform enhancements that help simplify the process.


Here are some exciting capabilities we’re rolling out across our platform for Bullhorn users this month:


Form Filler Templates – Share Templates

Collaboration just got easier with the more ways to share Form Filler templates with other Bullhorn users in your team.


If you are a Secured Signing Admin user, you can now go to your Bullhorn template list, and click the “share” button.



You can then select which user accounts or groups to share the template with.




Now you can do the following with Secured Signing for Bullhorn Settings Page:

Notes Management

You now have greater control over which notes are saved into Bullhorn. Within your account settings, you can select save all notes or only ones that you have selected.




Form Filler Template and Form Direct File Type

Now, you can setup the file type for documents that are signed using Form Filler or Form Direct. This can be done within your account settings.




Choose where signed documents are saved

Now, you can choose if you want to save all signed documents back to Bullhorn or you can select based on document, templates, or file type.


You can leverage Secured Signing’s cloud storage integration such as OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, or SharePoint.



Template Management – Sort By Name or Last Change Date

We have added sort functionality to Templates to help users better manage their templates. You can also sort by how many lines of templates you want to view. Your preferences will be saved for the next time you visit your Template Management list.



Enhancements to SSO with Azure AD

If you are using SSO with Azure AD, Admin Users can now disconnect it’s organisations users without requiring Secured Signing password authentication.



Clarifications to Manager Role in Bullhorn

Someone with a Manger role in Bullhorn is not automatically a Secured Signing Admin user therefore they cannot connect users to our service. To connect and disconnect users of Secured Signing, you must have a Secured Signing Admin user privileges.



TIP: It is important to click the “Save Setting” button every time you make changes to your settings.

Through continuous technology development, Secured Signing’s Simple, Smart and Secured platform aims to continuously deliver more streamlined, inclusive experiences across the Bullhorn communities they serve.


Want to learn more about other features and enhancements? Read more about our previous Secured Signing for Bullhorn release here.

Secured Signing continues partnership to integrate Digital Signatures within Bullhorn

Secured Signing’s 3-year partnership with Bullhorn continues to bring integrated digital signatures within Bullhorn’s ATS empowering recruiters across the recruitment life cycle.

New features released by the Secured Signing platform continues to improve ease of use for Bullhorn users including considerable enhancements to the WeSign feature, company record file-types, post-signing file permissions, rate card and multirate card support, and more.

With Secured Signing digital signatures, the recruitment process is simplified and improved for recruiters, clients and candidates who can fill-in and sign documents within seconds on any device.

“As the world moves toward a digital landscape, our partnership with Bullhorn helps us stand out as the digital signature platform for recruiters,” says Gal Thompson, CEO at Secured Signing. “Our integration provides an all-in-one solution that allows recruiters to do all their recruitment administration direct from the Bullhorn system.”

Secured Signing provides recruiters with the ability to save time through automated follow-ups and reminders, save time with signed documents being saved and attached to the candidate or client record automatically within Bullhorn, and remove double-data entry with all form’s data automatically updated in Bullhorn records with two-way data flow.

Since the beginning of the partnership, the integration has become popular amongst recruiters globally.

One customer of Secured Signing says, “Secured Signing has enabled us to grow and scale our business operations, strengthen our relationships with our existing clients and candidates, and gives time back to our recruiters so momentum can remain driving us forward.”

Another customer says, “they have been really impressed with the Secured Signing for Bullhorn integration” and when there has been an issue, the Secured Signing team have been “onto it immediately.”

“With the digital signature market as competitive as ever, we are always continuing to improve our signing platform to ensure that our customers, and partners, get the most benefit possible,” says Mike Eyal, CTO at Secured Signing. “One of the ways we do this is staying close to our customers, both in the support that we give but also the feedback that they pass on to us.”

New features released by the Secured Signing platform continue to improve ease of use for its Bullhorn users including considerable enhancements to the WeSign feature, file permissions, pay card and multi-pay card support.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn has been innovating for the recruitment industry for over 20 years.

Bullhorn provides cloud-based software to power the recruitment life cycle from start to finish. Staffing companies ranging from startups to the world’s largest enterprises rely on Bullhorn to find and place talent, manage pay, and to deliver an incredible experience for the candidates and clients they work with day in and day out.

To learn more about Bullhorn visit,

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one-stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology, it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.

Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency, and enhances customer service in a green environment.

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5 Tips for Digitizing your Recruitment processes with Secured Signing

5 Tips for Digitizing 1

Prior to COVID-19, recruitment was very old-fashioned in the sense that the candidate would have to come into your agency, sit face-to-face with you, fill out forms, do an actual in-depth interview, and then refer the suitable candidates to your client. 

It was very traditional. 

When COVID-19 hit, we couldn’t meet face to face, barely anyone had a printer at home, shops were closed, it was a disaster. 

People were forced to go digital, but they didn’t have enough knowledge of what was in the market. Google was every recruiter’s best friend as they tried to navigate the work-from-home recruitment space. Many recruiters are unhappy with the current solution that they have because: 

    • It does not tick all the boxes. 

    • There was not enough research that went into choosing a solution that best fit the recruitment agencies’ needs. 

    • The fast change to working from home within the industry was an unknown phenomenon. 

“The number one thing that I’ve learned over the past two years is that it’s not about who is the best recruiter, but who has the best overall experience for the candidate.”

                   –  Jade Moolman, Business Development Manager (APAC) Secured Signing

Now, the way that things are working is that everything is virtual: meet with candidates online, candidates do not want to come in to meet face-to-face in the current climate. So, even though you’re in the office, and you call them to organize an in-person meeting, a lot of the time candidates are not interested in that. It has now become “who has the easiest candidate experience” is ultimately who the candidate ends up choosing as their recruiter, and who is going to make the placement. 

“Working in this space prior to COVID-19, some recruitment agencies were ahead of the curve doing things digitally online for a long time,” says Gal Thompson, CEO at Secured Signing. “Whereas many more have rushed (in choosing a digital solution) and are now re-evaluating.” 

With that in mind, here are 5 of our teams’ top tips and recommendations when digitizing your recruitment process. 

Tip 1- Transform your Paper forms into Online forms. 

This sounds simple and obvious, but what we’ve seen works well is to really think about your forms and not take them as they are in paper form and replicate them in a digital way.  

Have Fewer Fields. 

Gal Thompson says “think about what is mandatory in today’s recruitment process, what legacy information that you have been collecting but never use, and cull anything that is not relevant.” 

This process allows you to simplify your candidate’s efforts and makes them less likely to drop out of the recruiting process. Less is so much more. 

Only Ask for Information when you Need it. 

“We have seen in the past that people ask for all the information up front in the case that they may need it later down the line. Where they never use this information. You risk candidates opting out as the forms are too complicated or asking for way too much information, and it is too hard. A good example is not asking for payroll/bank information during the initial phases of interacting with a candidate, because you have not talked to them yet, and you may not want to continue after having a chat. 

Capture Key Documents and Information in your Process. 

If you’re getting documents like driver’s licenses, certificates, etc., it is important to capture these when you need them. 

Tip 2- Integrations 

When selecting your digital solution it is important to look out for is: 

Seamless Integration into your current Software and Systems

First, you want something that works with what you have already, and works well. 

“What is the point of having a digital signature or online forms platform that does not integrate into your current systems. You’ll soon find that a massive pain-point for you and your agency will be the double-handling of data, and dragging and dropping files into your CRM/ATS.”  

Limited Clicks 

An integration would not be a particularly good one if you need to click a hundred times before sending a document out to your candidates and clients for signing. 

“You want something that is easy to use, does not look complicated, and has limited clicks to get the job done.” 

Two-way Data Fow 

As mentioned above, you want data to flow from your CRM/ATS automatically, so you can remove double-handling of data and automate the data entry process. The information flows in and out of the candidate record based on what you want to achieve. 

“For instance, with Secured Signing, if you sent out a document to your candidate for filling out and signing, whatever information is populated in the form will be pushed into your CRM/ATS. Keep in mind this would be configured in your settings, and the information that you push, and pull would be entirely up to you and your agency.” 

Remove manual entries and free up time for your recruiters to focus on other things. 

Scales Up with your Recruitment Agency 

When looking at a digital solution you want something that can grow with your agency as you begin expanding, hiring more recruiters, and placing more candidates. 

“Look for something that has features like unlimited use, means you can stay with one solution provider all the way through, with no need to change up due to capacity limitations.” 

Tip 3- Automation 

When talking about integrations and transforming your paper forms into digital versions, you want to find a solution that has built-in automation. Automation makes things easy, simplifies the process for recruiters and candidates, and saves everyone time. 

Again, two-way data flow is essential, but there are some other things you should look out for. 

Turn your processes into Workflows 

One thing that surprises a lot of recruiters is the ability to automatically send the right forms to the right candidates at the right stage and time of the recruitment process.  

“At Secured Signing, we enjoy going into that level of detail when onboarding new recruiters. We find out what emails you want to send at what time, and fully personalize the recruitment process to your needs. This upfront planning can save your team hours and hours in the long run. 

Saved in the Right Place 

No more dragging and dropping files to the correct candidate record – get things automatically saved to the right place. 

Save Time 

We recently did a study on how our integration and how integrations like ours around time saved. You are looking at a 45 minute to an hour-long process when putting candidate details into your ATS/CRM.  

Quite a long time, right?  

With the right solution, we have seen this reduced to just 3 minutes per candidate, which is an insane reduction and time. 

Tip 4- Find a Customizable Solution for your Candidates 

Making the experience personal for your candidates and showcasing your brand can give you the edge over other agencies in the market. 

“We have a lot of options out of the box like adding your brand, everywhere. On all the email communications, on SMS texts to your candidates, during the actual signing of the documents, everywhere. We also let you set up domain verification, which when set up, all emails sent by your agency from our platform, are sent from you. This adds another level of trust and brand integrity when interacting with potential candidates.” 

Full control over what the candidate experiences is essential and can be the difference between them being fully engaged or dropping out of the process. 

“One of the objections we have heard when discussing digitization with recruiters is that the digital way is not personal enough, but once we get into demoing the platform and the brand-related features, this viewpoint changes. It takes the cold, robotic sense of digital and adds a warmer, personal touch to the process.” 

Tip 5- Mobile Friendly 

Lastly, and self-explanatory, is that you have a solution that can be used on any device, whether it is a tablet, PC, Mac, mobile device, anything. 

Candidates and clients will most likely do everything using their mobile. 

One way we cater to this is that we provide a product that fully customizes your paper forms into HTML-5 forms, which automatically formats your forms to fit on any device and screen size. 

Another way is that candidates and clients will not need to sign up and register an account with Secured Signing. Candidates and clients simply receive an SMS text or email which gives them access to any forms or documents that need to be filled out and signed. 

“Secured Signing offers a seamless, one-and-done approach, which many recruiters find adds value to their candidate and client experience.” 

What are some of the key reasons for Digitizing 

To wrap up, here are some of the reasons for recruiters reaching out to us for a digital solution: 

    • Bulk signing for temporary agents. 

    • Collecting payroll information. 

    • Building of forms. 

    • Using automation and triggers. 

If you would like to see a demo of how you can use Secured Signing within your agency you can watch the webinar here and skip ahead to 19:40.

With digitizing here to stay, recruitment agencies shifting to paperless, and increased candidate & client expectations, now is the time to start your digitization journey.

If you are looking to digitize your recruitment process, visit

The state of Recruitment – Insights with Jade Moolman

Secured Signing has been working within the Recruitment industry for years and built many integrations to help recruiters with their everyday processes. 

Whether its sending candidates NDA’s, registration forms and job offers, onboarding new staff or sending policies to the team, our digital signatures make this that much easier. 

And we know this because our customers let us know. 

A fast-growing recruitment agency in the UK, said that since using Secured Signing they’ve been able to scale, meet their compliance requirements, as well as significantly reducing their operating costs

“With the help we’ve got and the software we have, that certainly helps us keep on top of high-volume numbers,” says Charlotte Gent, Compliance & Training Manager at Industria. Currently Secured Signing provides Industria with the ability to create eForms and get documents signed online, with their own purpose-built HTML forms being produced by Secured Signing.  

This small investment at the start of the project proved invaluable to Industria, as they were able to ask all the correct questions to ensure their compliance processes were adhered to. All relevant compliance data captured within their forms is automatically populated into their CRM. 

Not bad, huh. 

Steve Santich, Co-Founder and CEO at Veterans Alliance, says that the ability to digitize their forms enabled them to shift to a “fully-online” and mobile approach. Working with clients and candidates from all parts of the US, this was essential. 

“A lot of the folks we work with are travelling contractors. They are not at home, and we needed something that people could do, online, preferably on mobile, to get these documents signed and back to us.” 

With the state of recruitment always changing and innovating we thought we’d get an expert opinion from someone who could add a bit of color to the discussion of digitizing within recruitment.  

Our very own, Jade Moolman, delves a little deeper as we pick her brain on what she has learned, both as a recruiter and as a digital signing software pro. 

Why do you think recruiters are trending toward digitizing their recruitment processes?  

I think there are three reasons for this digital revolution in the industry. The first one being the most obvious, Covid-19. Covid-19 has nudged agencies towards this already impending change, people are less inclined to come in person to fill out registration forms, some are not physically able to due to lockdowns. The second reason would be an equally impactful one, saving our planet by going green and paperless. Many companies around the globe are doing their part, even if it is just for great P.R. The third reason would be that we are living in an age where technology is constantly changing, making our lives easier, less manual and saving us time that could be spent on other core business activities. It makes sense to go digital to become more efficient. 

What do you think the learning curve is when it comes to implementing a digitized system? And what do you think are the key things when thinking about digitizing your recruitment processes? 

Have clear expectations from the beginning. Think about what processes you want to automate and what processes you still want to have a human touch. This is an opportunity to really revamp your workflow, however your roadmap needs to be clear for the well-oiled beast to be efficient. Another important factor is to consider your user’s experience, what would your Candidates, and Clients feel like on the other end of the process? You ultimately want their experience with your brand to be a positive lasting one and that’s how we add value.  

What have been some of the “a-ha” moments when talking with recruiters about a digitized approach? Is it the ability to automate? Digitize forms? The signing process? 

Recruiters definitely love the automation part without a doubt. Most recruiters you speak to hate the admin aspect of the job, it’s not what they are good at or passionate about. The more time spent on admin means less time doing the things that ultimately make them money. The digital forms and the excellent user signing experience are just added bonuses. The real gold is the fact that they no longer have to fix data, add data into their CRM system or even chase up candidates for missing documents. The fact that all of this can be automated is their dream come true.  

What would be the one thing you would recommend any recruiter or recruitment agency to start doing today? 

Digitize your registration process at the very least, or even just start off there before you look at any other aspects of your process. Consultants spend hours each week adding candidates into the CRM who come from outside their conventional sourcing habits, I for one spent ages adding in candidates I had reached out to over LinkedIn or candidates who had walked in, there’s nothing worse than multiple consultants from the same agency reaching out to the same candidates over and over again because there is no record due to lack of time.  


If you are interested in how Secured Signing could be used to digitize your recruitment processes, contact us today. 

What you should look for when digitizing your recruitment processes

So, we all quite literally woke up and the world had changed overnight, we went to bed in the familiar manual world with the same workflow we have had for years and woke up to this crazy virus and an urgent need to pivot the way we do business in the space of a few days. You may have glanced around and found that your clients and candidates were no longer roaming the streets and running between meetings but had all been forced to work from home while governments relentlessly tried to figure out this deadly new virus. People panicked (with many stocking up on toilet paper, preparing for a zombie apocalypse, but that’s a separate conversation entirely) and many people remain extremely cautionary, even 18 months into our “new normal”.

Sound familiar? Yeah, those were some dark times. But even in the midst of so much uncertainty, recruitment was on the cusp of a digital revolution already. The pandemic just accelerated that adoption of technology and the need for digitalization. Covid19 has challenged industries to rethink traditional ways of doing things and to transform the way they do business, because let’s be honest, the really smart people are saying that this virus isn’t going anywhere.

Recruitment has always been a pretty manual industry, with candidate’s coming in to fill in paperwork and meet consultants to be interviewed, and consultants then manually scanning those documents to be uploaded or saved somewhere before they started the tedious task of updating candidate information on a central system, and in the rare occasion that candidates couldn’t come in for the application process, the documents would be manually sent out to be printed, filled in and sent back. This all takes time, and in some cases, lots of it; preparation of documents, sorting of documents, filing of documents. All that time spent double-handling data and documents could be put into new candidates or giving your current candidates a better experience.

What recruiters realised in Covid…

Few candidates have printers in the back seat of their car or sitting on their dining room table at home, not to mention the huge time delay in this process if the candidate couldn’t come into the office. They have had to adapt their business practices to deliver an exceptional candidate and client experience across this ever-changing landscape the world now finds itself in.

As a result of rapid change, research has shown an 80% increase in recruiters digitizing some of their processes, but even so, some recruiters still worry that using AI and automation as part of their candidate and client process will make their company seem impersonal, however automating some of your processes can give valuable time back to your consultants allowing them to be readily available for those high touch conversations.

Okay, so you’re convinced now, but what should you look for in a digital alternative?

That all depends on your business and specific operations, but there are four things that we know for certain:

The digitized approach must be device friendly.

Mobile, desktop, tablet. You want an approach that supports multiple devices and options for your candidates to complete documents. The Undercover Recruiter found 89% job seekers thinking mobile devices play a critical role in the job-hunting process which shows the importance of device flexibility within the recruiting process

The digitized approach must be easy to use.

We all know that candidates speak and word of mouth travels faster than a bad rumor, so it’s imperative that your candidate experience represents you as a business and is as painless and streamlined as possible.

The consultant will have peace of mind.

Knowing that once the candidate completes the documentation, they will be automatically notified and all the valuable information within it will be stored where it is meant to be. A clear audit trail from the initial sending of the documents to your recruiters receiving the documents gives both the consultant and candidate peace of mind knowing things have been done correctly.

You must speed it up

The entire application process should be speedier and way more efficient, otherwise what is the point really? Giving the time back to consultants, elevating the burden of admin during the recruitment process is what more agencies aim for.

Getting these four things right for your business opens you up for referrals amongst both clients and candidates whilst solidifying your brand as a serious recruitment agency with the right focus.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

With the right digitized approach, not only can you digitize your documents, but you can also create an all-in-one digitized solution with end-to-end automation, because honestly, why not alleviate all the pain points for your business in one go?

With any digitized process, automation is key to making sure the system is scalable and worth the investment, digitalization and automation go hand in hand with most technologies nowadays, brother and sister if you will. From automatic follow ups and reminders for candidates, to automatic contract and terms of business generation – find the system that will work for you.

The competition for top talent has never been tougher and a digitized recruiting process allows candidates to seamlessly get placed and support them through the process of finding their next dream job, placing you a step ahead of your competition.

Remove the grunt work from your recruitment processes and transforming it into an opportunity to add value to your candidates, clients, and consultants.

Not sure where to start? We can help! Contact Secured Signing today and see how we can create fast & easy to use forms for your team & customers with advanced features through our integrations designed to make your life easier and more secure.

Written by Jade Moolman, Business Development Manager.

Thousands of recruiters set to access digital signatures

In a move aimed at meeting the demands of the modern workplace, a new partnership is set to give thousands of recruiters and HR teams expanded access to digital signatures.

JobAdder, an international recruitment technology company, and Secured Signing, one the most trusted digital signature providers, have joined forces to make it easier for agencies and HR teams to run an online recruitment process.

Brett Iredale, JobAdder CEO, said recruiters could now offer candidates and clients the ability to complete and sign forms online as part of the new collaboration.

It’s an alliance that seeks to create a convenient, positive recruitment process, said Iredale.

JobAdder works with recruitment companies and corporate HR departments across New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The company offers a suite of recruitment technology services across the hiring process, including job posting software, applicant tracking software, and timesheet software. These services are used by 11,000 people each day.

In a competitive recruitment industry, providing a positive user experience was an advantage, said Iredale.

“Our clients have set a high bar in the recruitment industry. They know to remain competitive, they have to offer an easy, engaging experience for clients and candidates. This collaboration means our clients can send important business documents like contracts, onboarding forms, and quotes for online signing. Candidates can sign forms from wherever they are, from any device.”

With the new integration, recruiters and HR teams can:

  • Send documents digitally, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and emailing
  • Autofill forms from JobAdder records, so there’s no manual data entry
  • Turn forms into reusable digital templates that push data into the JobAdder database
  • Set automatic signing reminders, reducing manual follow-ups and speeding up the signing process
  • Create workflow triggers that send package of documents when a status changes in JobAdder for example.

As part of the agreement, JobAdder clients can design workflows for routine business processes, like hiring, said Iredale.

Now, documents are sent to candidates at the right time, automatically, driving down the time spent on routine, repetitive tasks.

“Together with Secured Signing we’re giving our clients new tools to improve productivity. We know this partnership will help our clients better serve candidates and clients”

Secured Signing provides the most comprehensive digital signatures services for JobAdder.

News of the Secured Signing partnership comes as market reports forecast a boom in the adoption of digital signatures.

Alongside this surge in growth, concerns around security and privacy have emerged.

We knew we could rely on a solution with a high level of trust,” said Iredale.

To combat data theft and tampering, Secured Signing uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology: the highest level of security. The PKI protocol makes forgery impossible. There’s built-in proof of the signer’s identity, the signature origin and time of the signature.

Gal Thompson, CEO of Secured Signing, said recruiters and HR teams who embraced technology stood out from the competition.

“In the modern job market, there’s a growing body of research that shows candidate experience is key. All successful companies understand this.

“Digital technologies have changed client and candidate expectations. We’re thrilled to work with JobAdder to help their clients meet these modern expectations to build an ever-better recruitment process.”

About JobAdder
JobAdder is a market-leading, cloud-based recruitment platform, that enables in-house & agency recruiters to spend more time doing work that adds real human value. Backed by award-winning support, JobAdder is headquartered in Sydney, operating globally with offices in New Zealand, the UK and the USA. To learn more about JobAdder, visit 

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one-stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced, personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology it is more secure than a plain electronic signature. Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.
To learn more about Secured Signing, visit

Secured Signing announces new Integration with Bullhorn to provide Digital Signature Capabilities for Recruiters

Secured Signing for Bullhorn


Secured Signing for Bullhorn

Secured Signing integration for Bullhorn allows recruiters to send online documents and forms to be completed and signed directly from the Bullhorn platform

Secured Signing recently announced a new integration to allow Digital Signature capabilities from within Bullhorn’s applicant tracking and customer relationship management system. Bullhorn is the global leader in software for the staffing and recruitment industry. With this integration, recruiters can now easily send documents to candidates or clients for signing digitally. Signing takes only a few seconds with the signed document or documents stored in the candidate or client record automatically.

The newly launched integration allows Bullhorn users to include digital signing function in the candidate, client contact, placement, job and opportunity sections within Bullhorn, with features including:

    • Sending documents to client contacts and candidates with just a few clicks

    • Building document templates with two-ways fields mapping

    • Pre-filling documents from Bullhorn records.

    • Pulling information from forms and documents back into Bullhorn records with two-way data flow

    • Automatically saving signed documents in the appropriate records in Bullhorn

This latest integration empowers agencies to become paperless, improve their compliance processes, and deliver a professional signing experience for their customers.

Julian Greaves, Find Recruitment Director, said:

Secured Signing has completely changed the way we handle paperwork with clients and candidates. All our forms are mobile-ready and have two-ways data flow. The consultant simply selects the right forms and sends them out with a few clicks. Our candidates or clients fill in and sign documents without the need to print anything resulting in a much faster return. Once signed, all forms are automatically saved in the right Bullhorn records – no more double data handling – which means our consultant can focus on our core business and not paperwork. Our candidates love the integration as it looks professional and is easy to use. Since we’ve started using the Secured Signing integration, we’re saving about 2-3 hours per consultant per week. I’ll recommend the Secured Signing integration for Bullhorn to any recruitment agency who are looking to streamline paperwork processes and improve their digital presence.”

Gal Thompson, Secured Signing’s Regional Manager, said “We’re excited to launch our integration with Bullhorn. For close to a decade, Secured Signing has had the opportunity to work with specialist providers and some of the largest recruitment agencies across the world. Over this time, our product has evolved in response to customer feedback. The result is a comprehensive digital solution that fits easily into recruiters’ existing processes. We’re excited to bring these capabilities to Bullhorn clients who can now use them without ever leaving the Bullhorn platform.”

To learn more about the integration, please visit the Bullhorn Marketplace

Secured Signing and FastTrack360 delivers digital transformation to recruitment agencies

New integration allows recruiters to send online forms to be completed and signed directly from FastTrack360 platform, speeding up the recruitment process.

The new, deeper integration between FastTrack360 and Secured Signing gives recruitment organizations instant access to digital workflows that get candidates and clients placed faster.


For close to a decade, Secured Signing has worked with recruitment agencies in New Zealand and Australia to use our cloud-based solution to complete and sign employment contracts, terms of business, quotes, onboarding paperwork quickly and securely.


With over 25 years staffing industry experience, FastTrack360 helps leading streamline the entire recruitment, timesheet, payroll, and client invoicing process from a single cloud-hosted platform.


With the new integration, FastTrack360 customers can now use Secured Signing to:

  • Prepopulate fields and automatically update new data as candidates or client complete forms, eliminating manual data entry and the need for consultants to chase after missing information – significantly speeding up the recruitment process.
  • Flag empty fields so only complete documents can be sent and saved back into FastTrack360; send signing reminders and status updates, which reduces time-consuming manual follow ups.
  • Compliance is built-in and the system includes government forms such as the Tax Declaration Form (TFN), Super Choice, IRD , Kiwisaver, and ACC, guaranteeing and simplifying compliance with complex regulations.
  • Deliver an improved client experience – consumers want to interact digitally; candidates can complete documents from wherever they are, on any device.


Secured Signing and FastTrack360 are working together, based on their shared commitment to simply workflows & processes for recruitment agencies in New Zealand and Australia.


The result is a seamless integration that lets agencies close deals faster, giving them more time to focus on generating new business directly from within their FastTrack360 platform.


David Page, FastTrack CEO, said “We know our customers are looking for simple ways to work more efficiently so they can streamline and grow. Our FastTrack360 Marketplace gives recruitment companies the power to extend their core business platform by accessing best-of-breed tools that match their business needs. Tools like Secured Signing that automate much of the signing and onboarding process, meaning our clients will spend less time on routine, manual tasks. That’s time they can invest in building relationships to grow the business.


Gal Thompson, Secured Signing’s Regional Manager, said: “We’re excited to expand our partnership with FastTrack360. For close to a decade, Secured Signing has had the opportunity to work with specialist providers and the largest recruitment agencies in New Zealand and Australia. Over this time, our product has evolved in response to customer feedback. The result is a comprehensive digital solution that fits in easily into existing processes. While it comes with the features you need to start right away, businesses can configure the solution according to their needs. FastTrack360 clients can access these benefits without ever leaving the FastTrack360 platform.”

About FastTrack360

FastTrack provides the business platform of choice for leading staffing organizations globally. Core to this is the innovative


FastTrack360 Recruit, Time, Pay, Bill end-to-end cloud-hosted business platform.


FastTrack360 provides an intelligent system you can access anywhere, anytime that simplifies recruitment operations, leverages smart compliance checks, reduces human touch points, making processes quicker and more accurate – allowing leading staffing organizations to focus on value-adding activities with clients and candidates.


With its open Application Program Interface (API) framework through the FastTrack360 MarketPlace and API Developer portal, you can also connect with the marketing leading best-of-breed apps to further increase your competitive advantage. FastTrack360 is one platform, with more possibilities.


To find out how FastTrack360 can help you and your business visit

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one-stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.

Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.

Employrite and Secured Signing deliver Solution to Accelerate Recruitment Process

New offering lets HR teams and Recruitment Agencies to complete employees screening process digitally includes paperwork signing and tracking!

A new software integration aims to help human resource teams redesign candidate onboarding with a fully digital, secure employee screening process.

Employrite, a leading employment screening service, and Secured Signing have partnered to support HR department to meet the increased demand for digital onboarding processes. Employrite customers can now access Secured Signing’s digital signature solution from directly within the Employrite platform.

Compliance is built in, so forms automatically adhere to all existing regulations. Paired with Employrite, Secured Signing lets HR teams provide a seamless, faster recruitment process – enhancing the candidate experience.

With the Employrite-Secured Signing solution, HR teams can now:

  • Digitally sign documents within their Employrite system
  • Track the status of signing process
  • Receive notifications when documents are signed
  • Offers candidates the opportunity to sign anywhere, from any device
  • Access easy to use templates that match their own processes
  • Increase compliance because government forms are built directly into the system

Manual, paper-based employee screening processes are outdated, inefficient and are prone to delays and increased costs. HR professionals are forced to chase paperwork, instead of doing the work that drives real business value. Globally, research shows most HR teams are investing in digital tools to improve efficiency. It’s part of the reason the digital signature marketing is growing rapidly.

Katrina Birchall, Employrite GM Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific, said the Secured Signing integration would give Employrite customers the tools to build a compelling candidate digital experience.

“Our clients can now sign documents quickly and simply. We’ve been serving the HR industry for over three decades and listening to our customers has been key to our success. Customers are looking for integrated online processes that make it easier to conduct screening; they know that’s important for their employer brand in the new, digital economy. That’s what we’ve delivered with this partnership.”

                        –  Katrina Birchall, Employrite GM Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific


Birchall added that while improving efficiency was important, security was paramount. Secured Signing uses the most secure technology, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. It’s been proven to be the only technology that eliminates the risk of forged signatures.

“Our clients value the time-saving advantages of working with Employrite. Once they start the process, we work with the candidate to complete the task – freeing up HR teams. We’re pleased to partner with Secured Signing because our clients now have powerful tools to streamline employee screening. The process is fast; candidates can complete it wherever they are – on any device – helping to ensure the overall screening experience is a positive one,” said Birchall.

Mike Eyal, CEO Secured Signing, said: “We’re excited to partner with Employrite to help HR department and Recruitment Agencies get rid of cumbersome paper-based processes. Secured Signing has been working with the HR and recruitment industry to go digital, and we’ve had the opportunity to help specialist providers and the largest recruitment companies reinvent their processes.

“The HR industry was one of the first to recognize the business benefits of digital processes. We’re thrilled to deliver those benefits to Employrite’s customers.”

About Employrite

Employrite Co Ltd, New Zealand and Employrite Pty Ltd – Australia are privately owned company. Employrite has full accreditation/broker status to ACIC – AUSTRALIAN CRIMINAL INTELLIGENCE COMMISSION. This enables Employrite Australia to obtain National Police checks instantly when clear to their Australian client base.
Both companies provide a full range of checks. Our primary function is to provide assistance to employers by conducting pre-employment checks on potential employees to enable them to make an informed decision and mitigate risk.

For more Information visit at

About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.

Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.

To learn more about Secured Signing, visit

Press Contact:

John Webster
Secured Signing Ltd
Phone: +64 9479 9044

Want happy employees? 4 Proven ways to improve onboarding

There’s been a lot of discussion around how HR technology can improve the experience at work.

Now new digital tools have the power to deliver a seamless onboarding process.

You may be wary of HR tech.

Implementing the latest trend just for the sake of it – without consideration of your company’s existing process – will do little to streamline your systems.

The key is finding technologies that work together with your procedures to create a happier, more productive and fulfilled workforce.

That’s where onboarding technologies come in.

The Cost of Poor Onboarding

Most HR professionals can attest to one fact: an employee’s success at your company can turn on the strength (or weakness) of your onboarding process.

And the research backs up the importance of getting onboarding right:

  • The organisational cost of employee turnover can be as much as double the employee’s annual salary.
  • It can take around eight months for a new employee to reach full productivity, according to this study
  • More than 30% of new hires leave within the first six months.
  • Research found an effective onboarding programme means new hires are 69% more likely to stay with a company for three years or longer.
  • Around 80% of companies admit their approach to onboarding doesn’t deliver the best results for new hires.

As an HR professional, you don’t have total control over an employee’s future at your company, but you can play an important role in getting them off to a good start.

In this post, we look at some of the practical ways HR teams are integrating tech to support new hires (and company growth).

1.  Put a Formal Onboarding Plan in Place

A tech tool is only as good as the system behind it.

In the case of onboarding this means devoting time to defining your process.

Despite the potential consequences of an ineffective onboarding program, a study found only 28% of companies had a successful formal process, while 22% of companies surveyed had no formal orientation processes in place.

As statistics reveal the link between on-onboarding and longer tenures, companies can’t afford to skip over this step.

Consider including a set of criteria as the foundation for your onboarding program. 

The Society of Human Resource Management identifies the Four Cs that make up a successful onboarding process:

  • Compliance – Make sure new employees know their legal rights and responsibilities as they are relevant to your company and industry.
  • Clarification – Ensuring new hires understand their new role, and what is expected of them
  • Culture – The set of values and behaviors that govern how your company operates.
  • Connections –The interpersonal networks new employees must nurture.

In addition to getting the basics right, experts suggest that a solid onboarding process is deeply connected to the employer’s brand.  If you’re advocating efficient customer service, make sure your new employees get the same treatment.

Trello, the productivity app based on the Kanban scheduling system, uses an onboarding checklist.

Trello’s steps start before the new hire arrives.

They share these with the employee to give them a better idea of the work that’s gone into their arrival. It’s a gesture intended to illustrate the company’s excitement for new employee.

The rest of the checklist (Trello uses a visual representation) is for the employee to check off as they work through the items.

Asana, another productivity tool, suggests adding dates and actions to your checklist to make the process as seamless as possible.

2.  The Future of Onboarding: A Paperless Process

New hires often dread the admin associated with starting a new job.

Most new employees spend the first day holed up in a conference room: reams of paperwork to read and sign. In some instances, there’s a back and forth with HR sending back incomplete forms.

The process is tiring, inefficient and a drain on company resources.

Despite this, a study found less than 12% of new hires can access onboarding HR forms from their mobile devices.

Industry leaders note that digital onboarding will become more important as younger, more tech orientated hires enter the workforce.

Secured Signing, a cloud-based digital signature firm, is helping companies shave hours off their onboarding process.

The platform lets users fill in and sign onboarding paperwork from any device, and the use of cryptography offers a reliable means of verification.

Case studies from Secured Signing customers show the concrete way digital signatures improve the way businesses operate.

Peoplebank Australia, a digital recruitment agency, needed to automate the onboarding process for new contractors. Contractors would receive paper contracts in the post, or travel to Peoplebank offices.

Secured Signing’s solution allowed the Peoplebank team to load a contractor onboarding starter pack containing all the relevant documentation. The package comes with a due date, and the contractor can sign at any time, from any device. At the end, the team managed to save 1.5 hours per contractor placement.

Here’s how digital signatures improve onboarding:

  1. HR teams create fully-branded electronic registration forms
  2. Candidates receive the invitation to access the form on the Secured Signing platform
  3. All mandatory fields must be completed before the candidate can sign the form (fields are customizable and differ depending on the industry)
  4. If fields are incomplete, the employee is taken back to that section of the form
  5. Blue stickers are displayed throughout the document – denoting where the new hire must sign
  6. The employee can select from a type of signatures, including a predefined signature
  7. Once the registration information is entered, the employee can enter their banking details and choose their retirement annuity
  8. All signatures are date-stamped and encrypted, and the completed form is sent back to issuer for finalisation.

Doing business this way is not only simpler, it’s in line with the highest professional standard.

Completing HR paperwork before the first day is viewed as industry best practice, according to the Aberdeen market intelligence company.

3.  Showcase Your Company Culture

Studies show a strong – and positive – company culture is becoming an increasingly important factor for the workforce of the future.

You have a unique opportunity to share this culture with employees before their first day on the job.

Companies are called on to use online portals to accomplish this. HubSpot, the CRM solution, uses its blog to communicate exactly this, publishing its culture manifesto and excerpts from company board meetings.

Warby Parker, a US retailer of glasses, sends all new employees an electronic welcome packet filled with:

  • Company history
  • Core values
  • Press clippings
  • Expectations for the first few days

Software developers, ADP, has features for text and video introductions to let new employees meet their colleagues before they’ve even entered workplace, easing some of the nerves that come along with a new job. There’s even an integration with Google Maps to make sure new hires can find their way.

4.  Track and Measure

There’s a popular quote in modern business management: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

Once you’ve started running your formal onboarding process, you can start tracking the impact it has on things like productivity and retention.

As a start, industry experts advise using digital tools to better focus on tracking and improving the following indicators:

  • Skills and knowledge specific to the employee’s role
  • Core job competencies
  • Team integration

Yoi is one such application that follows the progress of new hires. The app helps employees by identifying useful documents such as common resources and training options. If a new employee has a question or concern, it offers guidance by suggesting a colleague who could help.

The benefits for HR include easing the burden by taking care of the most routine onboarding tasks. New hires can flag when they need support, giving the HR team the signal to provide the necessary intervention.

Ultimately Yoi hopes to get employees settled in quickly, and suggests the tool helps improve productivity.

Xpand is another application designed to connect employees to relevant training opportunities

The apps can help:

  • Flag the most time-consuming tasks and creating training content to resolve the blockage.
  • Examine which training aides are requested the most, perhaps signalling a bigger issue in the on-boarding process.

These solutions monitor the new hire’s progress, with a particular focus on the time it takes to reach proficiency. By comparing this against the company average, HR can determine the programmes with the highest return on investment.

Applications and processes like these also encourage employees to consider their own professional goals, and how these align with corporate strategy.


The competition for top talent has never been tougher. An efficient onboarding process makes new employees feel supported even before the first day on the job.

It removes the grunt work from the process, transforming it into an opportunity to add value to the new hire, and your firm. 

Written by Gal Thompson – CEO, Secured Signing