Secured Signing for Bullhorn: Features, and enhancements

Are you ready to experience something AMAZING?

We’re excited to share the latest updates to Secured Signing for Bullhorn! This month’s New Features and Enhancements focus on empowering recruiters across the onboarding and recruitment lifecycle within Bullhorn’s CRM/ATS. 


Secured Signing’s collaborative team are always at the helm in developing amazing, new, and innovative ways to engage Bullhorn users by delivering new features and platform enhancements that help simplify the process.


Here are some exciting capabilities we’re rolling out across our platform for Bullhorn users this month:


Form Filler Templates – Share Templates

Collaboration just got easier with the more ways to share Form Filler templates with other Bullhorn users in your team.


If you are a Secured Signing Admin user, you can now go to your Bullhorn template list, and click the “share” button.



You can then select which user accounts or groups to share the template with.




Now you can do the following with Secured Signing for Bullhorn Settings Page:

Notes Management

You now have greater control over which notes are saved into Bullhorn. Within your account settings, you can select save all notes or only ones that you have selected.




Form Filler Template and Form Direct File Type

Now, you can setup the file type for documents that are signed using Form Filler or Form Direct. This can be done within your account settings.




Choose where signed documents are saved

Now, you can choose if you want to save all signed documents back to Bullhorn or you can select based on document, templates, or file type.


You can leverage Secured Signing’s cloud storage integration such as OneDrive, DropBox, Google Drive, or SharePoint.



Template Management – Sort By Name or Last Change Date

We have added sort functionality to Templates to help users better manage their templates. You can also sort by how many lines of templates you want to view. Your preferences will be saved for the next time you visit your Template Management list.



Enhancements to SSO with Azure AD

If you are using SSO with Azure AD, Admin Users can now disconnect it’s organisations users without requiring Secured Signing password authentication.



Clarifications to Manager Role in Bullhorn

Someone with a Manger role in Bullhorn is not automatically a Secured Signing Admin user therefore they cannot connect users to our service. To connect and disconnect users of Secured Signing, you must have a Secured Signing Admin user privileges.



TIP: It is important to click the “Save Setting” button every time you make changes to your settings.

Through continuous technology development, Secured Signing’s Simple, Smart and Secured platform aims to continuously deliver more streamlined, inclusive experiences across the Bullhorn communities they serve.


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