The state of Recruitment – Insights with Jade Moolman

Secured Signing has been working within the Recruitment industry for years and built many integrations to help recruiters with their everyday processes. 

Whether its sending candidates NDA’s, registration forms and job offers, onboarding new staff or sending policies to the team, our digital signatures make this that much easier. 

And we know this because our customers let us know. 

A fast-growing recruitment agency in the UK, said that since using Secured Signing they’ve been able to scale, meet their compliance requirements, as well as significantly reducing their operating costs

“With the help we’ve got and the software we have, that certainly helps us keep on top of high-volume numbers,” says Charlotte Gent, Compliance & Training Manager at Industria. Currently Secured Signing provides Industria with the ability to create eForms and get documents signed online, with their own purpose-built HTML forms being produced by Secured Signing.  

This small investment at the start of the project proved invaluable to Industria, as they were able to ask all the correct questions to ensure their compliance processes were adhered to. All relevant compliance data captured within their forms is automatically populated into their CRM. 

Not bad, huh. 

Steve Santich, Co-Founder and CEO at Veterans Alliance, says that the ability to digitize their forms enabled them to shift to a “fully-online” and mobile approach. Working with clients and candidates from all parts of the US, this was essential. 

“A lot of the folks we work with are travelling contractors. They are not at home, and we needed something that people could do, online, preferably on mobile, to get these documents signed and back to us.” 

With the state of recruitment always changing and innovating we thought we’d get an expert opinion from someone who could add a bit of color to the discussion of digitizing within recruitment.  

Our very own, Jade Moolman, delves a little deeper as we pick her brain on what she has learned, both as a recruiter and as a digital signing software pro. 

Why do you think recruiters are trending toward digitizing their recruitment processes?  

I think there are three reasons for this digital revolution in the industry. The first one being the most obvious, Covid-19. Covid-19 has nudged agencies towards this already impending change, people are less inclined to come in person to fill out registration forms, some are not physically able to due to lockdowns. The second reason would be an equally impactful one, saving our planet by going green and paperless. Many companies around the globe are doing their part, even if it is just for great P.R. The third reason would be that we are living in an age where technology is constantly changing, making our lives easier, less manual and saving us time that could be spent on other core business activities. It makes sense to go digital to become more efficient. 

What do you think the learning curve is when it comes to implementing a digitized system? And what do you think are the key things when thinking about digitizing your recruitment processes? 

Have clear expectations from the beginning. Think about what processes you want to automate and what processes you still want to have a human touch. This is an opportunity to really revamp your workflow, however your roadmap needs to be clear for the well-oiled beast to be efficient. Another important factor is to consider your user’s experience, what would your Candidates, and Clients feel like on the other end of the process? You ultimately want their experience with your brand to be a positive lasting one and that’s how we add value.  

What have been some of the “a-ha” moments when talking with recruiters about a digitized approach? Is it the ability to automate? Digitize forms? The signing process? 

Recruiters definitely love the automation part without a doubt. Most recruiters you speak to hate the admin aspect of the job, it’s not what they are good at or passionate about. The more time spent on admin means less time doing the things that ultimately make them money. The digital forms and the excellent user signing experience are just added bonuses. The real gold is the fact that they no longer have to fix data, add data into their CRM system or even chase up candidates for missing documents. The fact that all of this can be automated is their dream come true.  

What would be the one thing you would recommend any recruiter or recruitment agency to start doing today? 

Digitize your registration process at the very least, or even just start off there before you look at any other aspects of your process. Consultants spend hours each week adding candidates into the CRM who come from outside their conventional sourcing habits, I for one spent ages adding in candidates I had reached out to over LinkedIn or candidates who had walked in, there’s nothing worse than multiple consultants from the same agency reaching out to the same candidates over and over again because there is no record due to lack of time.  


If you are interested in how Secured Signing could be used to digitize your recruitment processes, contact us today.