New features and product enhancements – September 2021

It has been an exciting year for Secured Signing with many innovations and new features added to your favorite signing platform. As a serious signing platform, we continue to build and improve our software to keep your documents secure. 


Take a look at some of our newest features and product enhancements. 


ID Verification 


One of our newest and innovative authentication features is ID Verification.  

  • Captures the front & back of client IDs using a mobile device. 
  • Performs 50+ forensic tests on IDs in real time for authentication. 
  • Engages facial recognition match & liveness test with a quick selfie. 
  • Accurate data matching between provided ID and documents used to verify key identifiers. E.g., Client first and last name matching. 
  • Visually checks IDs during video sessions and compares ID data captured with real-time audio-visual technology (video signing only). 


You can set up ID Verification Settings at the account level under My Account > My Settings. 



You can also adjust the ID Verification Settings on the fly within the invitation workflow at an invitee level. 


Video Signing & Remote Online Notarization

Since launching Video Signing and Remote Online Notarization in 2020 we have added many improvements, including: 


Rescheduling video signing sessions 

There were times when users needed to reschedule signing sessions when invitees were no-shows, or a meeting clashed. Users can now manage scheduled video signing sessions from the In-Progress tab.


All participants will receive a new email invitation to join the newly scheduled meeting. 


Added a meeting room 

To improve the video signing host’s experience, you can now enter a meeting room before the video signing session starts. Here you can see if signers have completed authentication processes and are ready to join. 

ID Verification Check 

In the case that a signer completes ID Verification as part of their document access authentication, users can now use the ID Verification check button. During the video signing session users can compare the captured ID Verification information with the signer, live, and in real time.

We Sign 

WeSign is a foundational pillar to our software and without it, signing would not be able to take place. We have released the following product enhancements to improve user experience. 

Assign Form Fields to any Invitee    

We have always had form fields within the signing process, and we now let users assign form fields to specific invitees during document tagging using the form field settings box. 



Authentication Types and Settings 

We had users asking for flexibility in choosing authentication types for their invitees and signers. 


We have now added Invitee Authentication Type settings so you can set document access authentication at an account level under My Account > My Settings. 


You can also set the authentication type during the “Invitation Workflow” stage of the WeSign process. 



Save as a Draft 

We had users who were Tagging lengthy WeSign documents, only to lose all their progress when they had to leave. There is nothing worse than having to repeat something that you know you have already done. Now you can now save a WeSign process as a draft and come back to it later.



Replace a Document to Existing process 

We had users who You can now replace a document while you are in the WeSign process. 

Add a Document to Existing process 

You can now add documents while you are in the WeSign process.  



Witness Nominated by the Sender 

Users can now nominate the witness for a signature during document tagging.



Witness details are then assigned in the invitation workflow: 


Use Templates Folder when Adding Documents 

We have always allowed signing of documents that you upload from your own storage, that are in your Inbox, or are in your signed folder.  


Now we have added “Select from Template Folder” which lets you use any templates that you have built. 



Multiple Witness Signatures – Smart Tags 

At times when a customer using our Smart Tags, a witness signature is required in several positions throughout a document.  

Now you can add multiple signature fields to a document for the same witness. Just duplicate the witness smart tag at the position witness needs to sign: 




Multiple Witness Signatures for the same invitee – Smart Tags 

We encountered scenarios where users using Smart Tags needed more than one witness for an invitee. You can now identify them by number. 

[!Sign.1.F.Witness,FirstName,LastName,email] – A  

[!Sign.1.F.Witness1,FirstName,LastName,email] – B  

[!Sign.1.F.Witness2,FirstName,LastName,email] – C 


Secured Signing Credits 

We have now begun to streamline our billing and payments process by introducing Secured Signing credits.  



Secured Signing credits are purchased so you can use Add On features as below. These credits are allocated to your “Allocated Credits” when getting documents signed. You can also setup and enable auto top up, so that you never run out of credits. 


Allocated credits for a signing session will use a combination of the following features:  

  • SMS 
  • Video Signing 
  • ID Verification 
  • Knowledge Based Authentication (US Users only) 
  • Notary Stamp / Seal (Remote Online Notarization) 


Credits that you are allocated to a signing session, but are not needed, are credited back to your Secured Signing balance.



MicroFocus Content Manager Integration 

Working with government and public sector users, we were getting feedback to integrate directly into document management systems. One popular system was MicroFocus Content Manager which led to integrating our digital signature functionality into the system. 


Secured Signing is integrated right into Content Manager meaning you and others in your organization can access signing capability without having to leave Content Manager. 


If you would like to learn more about any of these features please contact us today.