Secured Signing provides industry-leading ID Verification of foreign and US passports for Remote Online Notarizations

Secured Signing’s industry-leading ID verification supports over 4,000 overseas and domestic IDs, from nearly 200 countries, making it the only RON platform that supports foreign passports in the market.

ID Verification provides fast, secure & user-friendly workflow for you and your clients allowing you to verify signer identity. ID Verification offers a robust and flexible solution when compared to a standard email link and SMS for multi-factor authentication.


“Since the outbreak of COVID and as we began entering new markets, like the US Notary Market for Remote Online Notarization, we saw an opportunity to add ID Verification to our authentication tool set,” says Mike Eyal, Founder and CEO at Secured Signing. “In a world where in-person signings are less likely to take place while social distancing practices are implemented, we wanted to give our users everything they needed to ensure that their clients and customers who are signing, are in fact who they said they are.”


ID Verification’s two-step process is simple and easy to use, with clients capturing an image of the front and back of their ID. The images are then scanned and analyzed against a database of over 4,000 IDs from nearly 200 countries and uses industry-standard markers such as the magnetic stripe, OCR content, UV holograms and barcodes on an ID to verify its legitimacy.


Clients will then take a selfie to score for liveness of the signer, utilizing the facial matching aspect of the software. Liveness ensures that you know the person who underwent ID Verification was in fact a live person.


This aspect [liveness score] of ID Verification is revolutionary as it prevents presentation attacks from fraudulent practices such as printed images, masks, recorded or synthetic video,” says Roger Castile, Senior Vice President of National Sales at Secured Signing Inc. “If a Liveness score falls below a certain threshold, the signer will be denied access to the documents and will be unable to sign.”


Secured Signing enhances the ID Verification process by creating a strong link between the ID and the document through data matching. Data matching allows you to pull from the data analyzed during the ID capture phase of the ID verification process and compare it to data provided by your client. This is fully configurable letting you choose the parameters to be matched to your client’s ID. The system notifies you of the results and lets you decide on how you would like to proceed if the client passes or fails.


Secured Signing customers are using ID Verification within legal, title and closing, and notary public industries.


About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology, it is more secure than a plain electronic signature.


Secured Signing’s Digital Signature and RON platform all in one enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime.