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Remote Online Notarization Software for Title & Closing Companies
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Save your staff & customers time with easy-to-use RON software built specially for Title Companies
  • Deal with your own customers direct & charge them whatever you want - we don't charge them.
  • Save your staff's time and make them more efficient - increasing your revenue and margins.
  • Increase revenue with digital, paper-free processes that don't require travelling time.
  • Pay as you go - no large monthly fixed fees or setup costs.
  • No more wondering if the closing took place – Notary and Title company receive the documents immediately upon completion.
  • Compliance MISMO and ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management
"Frisco on the go Notary has chosen Secured Signing as their remote notary platform because it is user friendly and streamlines the entire remote notary process. We are very pleased with this product."
-- Melinda Argentieri
Notary & Business Owner
Frisco on the go Notary
"Secured Signing's RON platform is easy to use, and if I ever have an issue, a member of their team is quick to respond and support me."
-- John Bayne
Florida Document Specialists
NNA Notary of the year 2021
"I had a good demo today with Roger and his team today. They are approved for RON notarizations in any states where RON is authorized by statute so long as the specific State Statutes are complied with.
-- Candi Slobodnik
Midwest Underwriting Counsel
Agents National Title Insurance Company
Based on our business, system and security review, the Secured Signing RON platform has been approved as one of Westcor’s RON partners."
-- Mellissa Mesina-Rowe
Chief Information Officer
Westcor Land Title Insurance Company
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Trusted by Title & Closing Companies

Secured Signing’s Notary Community

Find a Notary in Secured Signing’s Notary Community, search for a Notary to notarize your documents.

Send the documents in a secured way direct to the Notary’s Secured Signing account.

Get clients, orders from Title companies, Lenders, Law Firms, and more.

Easy to use, all-in-one software with customizable features to perform notarizations how you want
Remote Online Notarization (RON)
Secure Document Signing
Get documents or bundles of documents signed using our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption software. This security ensures that any changes made to the document after signing, invalidates the signature.
Electronic Notarization - Notary
Live Video Signing Session (RON)
Host a 30-minute (or more) live video signing session to perform document signing and notarization. A video + audio recording of the signing session is then added to the document. Based on Secretary of State Requirements, we hold a copy of the video recording for 10 years or less as your state requires.
Tamper-Evident Technology
Digital Notary Stamp / Seals
Easily upload your Notary eSeal to use and your graphical signature. Automatic notifications when the Notary Commission expires will also ensure you upload your latest Notary seal when required.
Easy Identification
2-Factor Authentication
To provide even stronger confidence in the identity of the person signing the declaration you can enable 2-factor authentication which uses a unique code sent via SMS to the signer.
Easy Notary’s Seal and Signature Upload
Digital Signature Certificates
Secured Signing can issue X509 certificates for free as part of the signing process. However, some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate. You can also upload your own certificate or remote connect to use your own. Secured Signing partners with IdenTrust to provide FB Certificate.
Saves Time & Hassle
ID Verification
Automatically checks drivers licenses or passports (US or foreign) in real-time with 50+ forensic tests performed on scanned IDs to authenticate them and ensure they are correct & valid.
Easy Identification
KBA Authentication
Ask the signer a series of questions about their identity and personal history and checks against a database automatically. Signer must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to proceed. If they fail they can’t take the Q&A again with the same Notary within 24 hours.
Easy Notary’s Seal and Signature Upload
Electronic Notary Journal
Includes a full Electronic Notary Journal that allows notaries to collect the same information as they would in a paper-based journal that is accessible by the notary at any time and which can be exported to PDF or Excel. Based on Secretary of State Requirements, we hold a copy of the Electronic Notary Journal for 10 years or less as your state requires.
Saves Time & Hassle
Facial Recognition Match
Ensures signers are the person shown in the ID. Signers take a quick selfie which is checked with facial recognition software against ID photo to verify a match, detect liveness and provide a confidence score.
Our tamper-evident technology ensures document security, data integrity & non-repudiation. Whether it's our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption, our audiovisual recordings of the settlement or the detailed audit logs we ensure you and your client are protected.
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Secured Signing pre-built with many integrations into popular software plus an API you can use to integrate your own software.
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