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Secured Signing delivers Online Police Checks for H&R Block

July 22, 2015

H&R Block have broadened their online on boarding process to include a paperless background check that slashes staff and turnaround time

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A ‘Decorative’ Signature Isn’t Good Enough

June 10, 2015

In the digital age we are all looking for alternatives to physically posting documents around the world to get them signed. It can take weeks to turn around and is quite costly. Emailing an electronic copy of the document costs almost nothing and will arrive instantaneously. Sending documents by email is quicker and easier but is it good enough?

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The Recruitment Company teams with Secured Signing to maximize business efficiency

May 27, 2015

The Recruitment Company has implemented the Personalised PKI Digital Signature platform by Secured Signing, to allow the prompt and smooth online signing of documents that enhances an effective digital business operation in a compliant and secure work environment.

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Exit the PDF Forms Dead-End with Secured Signing Form Filler

May 13, 2015

Now you look back, the effort you invested in adding fillable fields to your PDF forms might seem like a waste of time. The hope was that it would be a step towards making it easier for your customers to complete the form. In reality, fillable PDF forms are a bit of a dead end. Even though you can fill them on screen, they still need to be printed to be signed and returned.

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Be Sure Who is Signing your Document Online

April 15, 2015

Secured Signing now gives you the option to use text messages as a second form of identity confirmation. Inviting people to sign documents online is much more secure and reliable, not to mention quicker and easier, than sending them by post. With two factor authentication, your confidence in who is signing your document is even higher!

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E-Notarization delivers Convenience and Security

March 25, 2015

Secured Signing enables Notary Public to “sign and seal” documents as a Notary. E-Notarisation-
Digital signatures provide strong methods validate the identity of the signatory and to detect any alterations. This security is further extended with the certification part of the digital signature standard also ‘sealing’ or ‘locking’ the document.

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Getting your Digital Signature Invitation to the Right People

March 17, 2015

One of the great benefits of working locally with our customers is hearing firsthand how we can improve Secured Signing to make their work life easier. The people we work with in procurement and contracts in particular, will welcome these enhancements to We Sign to make it even simpler to get their documents signed online.

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Secured Signing eases the compliance burden for financial services

March 11, 2015

All documents signed with Secured Signing use personal X509 PKI Digital signatures to secure and seal the document. Online identity checks such as RealMe, verify passport and driver license details can be made part of the signing process for efficient compliance with AML/CTF obligations.

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Migration Agent adopts Secured Signing to Avoid Paperwork Delays

February 7, 2015

ASC Migration use Secured Signing, an online digital service, to turn around agreements more quickly to get paid sooner.

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With Secured Signing, you can eSign documents now and pay next month

December 3, 2014

Secured Signing’s Pay-as-You-Go Plan Offers a Great Way to Promote Business Efficiency

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