Secured Signing Announces 2020 New Year Release – The Signing Platform for Businesses Who Take Signing Seriously

Secured Signing’s latest release adds new improvements to signing processes and account reporting, and even more Form Filler enhancements. These let you save workflow settings for individual forms, meaning you can send out templates even faster than before.

The new enhancements include:

Template Workflow Setting – Each of your templates can have their own saved workflow settings such as specific email templates, attachments, additional people (not signers) to notify, and define the signed document file name.

All these features are available on each template and can turn any of your forms into powerful processes, initiated with a single click!

New JobAdder Integration – We are proud to announce our latest integration with JobAdder. Bringing our revolutionary signing platform to JobAdder users. This delivers all of Secured Signing’s processes to JobAdder users letting them not just get documents signed, but also create forms that automatically update JobAdder records and even trigger custom workflows to automatically update fields or send documents for signing based on a status in JobAdder.

Enhancements to our Salesforce Integration – We continue to deliver more capability with our Salesforce Integration. New features include; Salesforce communities, create processes & triggers that send out a document or packs of documents when changes are made to any Salesforce record, and add Secured Signing to any Salesforce object (including custom objects).

Secured Signing uses the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to generate digital signatures, the only proven technology to prevent forgeries. PKI generates two personal signing keys for each user – a private key and a public key. No one user has the same set of keys, and any changes that are made to a signed document will immediately be detected.

In the digital age, we’re seeing more and more organizations shift from paper-based processes to cloud-based document management. For businesses to thrive and compete confidently in the new economy, they need access to paperless services that won’t compromise their document security.

“That’s why our digital signatures deliver the strongest protection against forgery and tampering. It’s all the convenience you’d expect from digital signature software, but with the kind of security you’d expect from your bank.” Mike Eyal, CEO Secured Signing.

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About Secured Signing

Secured Signing provides a one-stop digital signature service that delivers a full range of form completion and eSigning capabilities. Using advanced, personalized X509 PKI Digital Signature technology it is more secure than a plain electronic signature. Secured Signing enables its users to use any device to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal and verify documents anywhere, anytime. The solution streamlines business processes, cuts back on expenses, expedites delivery cycles, improves staff efficiency and enhances customer service in a green environment.

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