Whiteboarding in Video Signing and RON

Whiteboarding Feature

Secured Signing is proud to introduce an innovative feature that is set to transform the way you approach document signing and remote online notarization.

Our latest offering, Whiteboarding in Video Signing & Remote Online Notarization (RON), empowers users to seamlessly incorporate shapes, text, and more into their documents, making the entire process more interactive and

How to Open White Board - Before Signing with Secured Signing

What is Whiteboarding and How Does It Enhance Your Experience?

The Whiteboarding tool bar, allows you to draw, and add shapes, text, and more to your document to ease the communication between you and your signer.

Here’s a closer look at the key highlights:

  1. Real-time Customization: Empower your documents with on-the-fly drawing, shapes, text, and more. Enhance communication during signing sessions for clear and engaging documents.

  2. Interactive Collaboration: Unlike traditional editing, pre-signing drawings are not saved. Engage in real-time brainstorming with invitees, making your collaboration dynamic and productive.

  3. Post-Signing Creativity: Your document’s journey continues after the signature. Create a new whiteboard with a blank document or integrate your own for further editing. Stay adaptable and responsive to evolving needs.

  4. Participant Engagement: Hosts and notaries actively draw on the Whiteboard during signing. Invitees observe in real-time, fostering interaction and understanding, crucial in remote online notarization scenarios.

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Capture Images with Secured Signing Snapshot


Often times, a notary has the need to collect or capture an image of supporting documentation, credentials, or stipulations during the RON session. With Secured Signing’s new Snapshot feature, you can capture that image, crop, edit and label on the fly. 

The Snapshot feature allows for capture of up to 10 images per signer. They can be downloaded along with the document as a separate exhibit. Please note that after 7 days these images are removed from the platform. 

Watch a video on how to use Notary Snapshot here.

Capture Images with Secured Signing Snapshot


Secured Signing Certify – Electronic Notary

Certify and Add Approval Signatures, Notary.

Secured Signing Certify

Why Secured Signing Certify?

Some documents need to be certified by a legal representative such as a solicitor or Notary Public.

A certified document needs to be signed in front of a witness who affirms the signature is your true one; and in the case of a copied document, warrants that the copy is true and identical to the original one. The certifier declares this to be true and adds their signature and the date.

Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology offers Certify Signature as a function to Certify PDF documents. This signature locks the document and prevents adding additional content or signatures (unless it is intended and signature fields are added before certifying), the Certify Signature seals the document with a recognised professional seal, time stamp, and graphic signature image.

Using Secured Signing’s Certify function to certify and add approval signatures to a document is the digital equivalent of a notarised wet signature; it assures recipients that the document is authentic, originates from a verified source, and has not been tampered with.

This gives you the utmost control of your electronic format of signed documents.

Who Can Benefit From Using Certify?

  • Notary Public
  • Lawyers / Solicitors
  • Engineers who need to seal drawings / plans
  • Anybody who wishes to certify electronic documents

Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Complete and Sign CrimeTrac Form Online

Due to compliance with statutory requirements, when a candidate applies for certain positions in the public sector, an employment screening and police check is required. In other cases, initiation of this process may come from an individual who requires a national police check as part of an employment screening, pre-requisite for volunteer work, or to satisfy a legal obligation. CrimTrac is now a part of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Why Secured Signing for CrimTrac

Secured Signing transforms the NATIONAL POLICE CHECKING SERVICE (NPCS), APPLICATION/CONSENT FORM, (ACCREDITED AGENCIES – CUSTOMERS) to an entirely electronic process that incorporates the highly secured Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signatures technology.

Following completion and signing by employee and authorised person at the organisation, the Secured Signing system seals the document and enables the account owner to automatically export and submit it in CrimTrac’s required format to a CrimTrac accredited broker that can be found here.

This police check App is available with CrimeTrac only in Australia.

How Secured Signing for Crimtrac Works

  1. Invite employee to fill-in and eSign the CrimeTrac Form.
  2. Once completed, click on CrimeTrac icon in the dashboard.
CrimTrac on Dashboard

3. Select the form you want to submit and press submit to CrimTrac broker.

Send CrimTrac File

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Notary Queue

Notary Queue

Notary jobs within an organization can be assigned to a Queue and any available Notaries can take the assignment and proceed with the job.

Secured Signing Certify

How To Add A Notary Queue

Admin User in Team (up to 10 users/ Notaries) or Enterprise account (unlimited number of users/ Notaries) plan can setup unlimited Queues and can assign Notaries to a Queue base on attributes.

Notary Queue assign to me

How To Assign A Job To A Notary

Once a preparer submits/prepares a document for submission to the Notary Queue any Notary assigned to that queue can select the job. If the document is not pre-prepped the notary can perform that task as well. 

Also, if the notary needs to reassign the job they can return it to the queue which generates another alert to that queues notaries. NOTE; Upon submission to the queue the signer(s) will receive an invitation, no waiting for assignment of a notary.


How To Reassign A Job

In case a Notary took a job but they can’t make it the Notary can assign it back to the Notary Queue and any available Notary in that queue can select it. 

Notary Queue Management

The admin user’s in a Team or Enterprise account plan has full visibility and control of the Notary queues its status and reassignment between queues.


Cost Center For Departments or Memberships

Cost center for Departments or Memberships

Unlock the full potential of your organisation’s signing processes! 

At its core, the hierarchy structure our Enterprise account is all about creating a personalisedd experience for every user, regardless of their engagement. 

Users have access to wide range of benefits and resources that are specifically designed to meet business processes effectively.  

Enterprise - Cost Center

So, what does an Enterprise Account membership looks like?

Hierarchy structure for our Enterprise

How does it work?

Membership level is the enterprise account for a company or a brand. 

You can have more than one membership account for each of your brands or companies within a group of companies. 

To add more membership accounts please contact Secured Signing Support. 

Once a membership has been created you can now build accounts (your users in the company) and group them create to a group. You can also create subgroups, with users included in multiple groups and subgroups. 

For example, create a group called Head Office and then sub-groups such as Legal Department, HR, Marketing, etc. 

Each account can belong to more than one group.

Overseas ID Verification

Overseas ID Verification

Secured Signing’s ID Verification feature performs up to 50 different text-and-image-based tests and checks IDs against a database of nearly 4,100 ID types from nearly 200 countries.

Notary Certification & Training

Notary Certification & Training

At no extra cost, all Notaries with a Secured Signing Paid Notary Account can now receive a Secured Signing Notary certificate.

By completing our notary certification training program, you will be equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to confidently take on the responsibilities of a notary public. You will be able to provide a valuable service to your community, while also opening up new career opportunities for yourself.

Notary Certification Course

How to Access the Course

Login to your Secured Signing Paid account and go to My Account > My Settings > Notary > and click on the blue “Notary Certification Course” button.

This will take you to our eLearning platform. 

RON Certificate - Settings


Complete Carefully Crafted Learning Modules 

Watch videos and complete quizzes for each learning module within the Secured Signing eLearning platform. You will be tested on your Remote Online Notarization (RON) knowledge as well as your knowledge of our system.  

Notary Certification Course - Training


Put Your Knowledge To The Test!

Complete the Final Exam with a score of 85% or higher to pass the Notary Certification Course. 

Notary Certification Course - Pass


Receive Your Notary Certificate 

Standout amongst other notaries with your personal RON certificate that you can publish on your website or provide to customers to demonstrate your knowledge of Secured Signing’s RON platform.  


Promote Yourself As A Secured Signing Notary 

By completing the Secured Signing Notary Certification, you can use our Secured Signing Certified branding and demonstrate your proficiency as a Remote Online Notary. 

Multiple brands in enterprise account

Multiple brands in
Enterprise Account

Create a cohesive and recognizable document signing identity!

Secured Signing’s multiple branding in an Enterprise Account, creates a professional and memorable brand identity that stands out in your client’s inboxes.

Multiple Branding - Set up

Key Benefits of Multiple branding in Enterprise Account

• Consistent branding

Keep a consistently branded signing process with your company’s logo, color scheme, and font choices.

• Increase engagement

Personalized and visually appealing emails are more likely to grab your clients’ attention and increase their engagement with your brand.

• Personalized Content

Create personalized branding that speaks to your clients’ interests and needs, ensuring that your emails are engaging and relevant.

• Build brand recognition

Consistent branding across all channels will help your audience recognize your brand and remember it for future interactions.

Multiple Branding features

  • Email Branding – Customizable email templates that reflect your brand’s personality and values. From font formats and logo, Secured Signing’s multiple branding solution can help take your workflow to the next level.
  • WeSign Branding – Extend your brand identity to when your clients are signing! Secured Signing’s WeSign branding allows users to customize the signing page of the process. Keeping the workflow consistent and seamless. 
  • URL Re-direct Branding – as  a part of your document signing process, your clients can be redirected to your website. URL Redirect Branding can redirect signers to any page and is ideal for providing further instructions for signers to complete after a document has signed.

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Organisation Dashboard (Enterprise Admin Portal) and management tool.

Organisation Dashboard

Enterprise Admin Portal and Management Tool

Gain comprehensive visibility of your organization’s operations with Secured Signing’s Enterprise Admin Portal!

Large organizations require strategic and efficient processes to achieve business goals. 

That’s why Secured Signing developed Enterprise Admin Portal that can help users manage and keep track of its processes. 

Organisation Dashboard - Filler

Admin Portal allows you to add or remove users, update settings and templates + view document statuses across the different departments in your company!

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