Edit Signing Process

Secured Signing Edit Page Mode

Edit Signing Process

Users can now edit signing process even after they have been sent out for signature, allowing them to correct any mistakes or make necessary changes without the need to start tagging over.

This convenient feature saves time and ensures accuracy in the signing process. 

edit signing process details

Say goodbye to document preparation headaches!

This feature empowers you, the sender, to edit almost any part of the signing process after sending the document. No need to start over for a simple fix! Supported for WeSign, Form Filler, and Remote Online Notarization (RON)/Video Signing processes.

Edit Signing Process with WeSign and Form Filler – Above Video Summary

The video will guide you through the steps of utilizing the Edit Signing Process using WeSign and Form Filler:

  • Go to the In Progress tab in your account.
  • Click on the Edit Signing Process button in the actions menu.
  • Modify signers by adding or removing them, and create additional form fillers if needed.
  • Ensure that your documents are appropriately tagged and implement any necessary adjustments.
  • Review and make final modifications in the Invitation Workflow before confirming and updating the signing process.

CLICK HERE  to follow the easy step by step guide to enable this process.

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Edit Page Mode

Secured Signing Edit Page Mode

Edit Page Mode

At Secured Signing, we believe that you can have the flexibility when it comes to managing your documents.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce to you our latest feature: Edit Page Mode. This feature empowers you to have complete control over your documents, making it easier than ever to add, remove, and rearrange pages in the We Sign, Form Filler, and Notary designers.

Edit mode - On Off - with Secured Signing

Why use Edit Page Mode

It's simple: Edit Page Mode lets you add, remove, or rearrange pages in your document before sending it for signing via We Sign, Form Filler, or RON platform. Making document management easier!

Here’s a closer look at the key advantages of Edit Page Mode: 

  1. Add Pages: Say goodbye to the constraints of a fixed document length. With Edit Page Mode, you can effortlessly add more pages to your documents, accommodating additional content or making room for new information.
  2. Remove Pages: Sometimes less is more. Streamline your documents by removing unnecessary pages, ensuring that you only present the most relevant information, which not only saves time but also enhances clarity.
  3. Reorder Pages: Tailor your documents to your unique needs. Whether you’re using the We Sign, Form Filler, or Notary designers, you can effortlessly rearrange pages, ensuring that your documents are structured in the most effective way for your purposes.

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In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)

In Person Electronic Notarization (IPEN)

Sign and seal your clients documents with Secured Signing’s IPEN.

In-person electronic notarization is the modern way to notarize your important documents, offering the convenience of electronic signatures with the added security of in-person verification.

Improve your notarization processes by enabling documents to be signed digitally from wherever you meet the customer. Improve security with SMS authentication for signer identity plus signed documents are stored automatically.

IPEN - Filler

SMS Authentication

SMS Authentication

Worried of sending documents to the wrong invitee?

Secured Signing’s SMS authentication is a two-way authentication type that involves the Invitee’s email address and a one-time code sent via SMS to verify
the identity of the user.

SMS authentication feature is commonly used as an additional layer of security for signing digitally. This way users can guarantee that the correct invitee will receive the signing invitation and ensure that only authorized users are able to access
the document.

When choosing the SMS authentication type: invitees will receive two notifications: an email and SMS, once the blue button’s been clicked it will trigger a SMS
including a 6-digit passcode to access the document. 

SMS Authentication - Sample

Needs to View (process without signature)

Needs to View

Secured Signing’s document workflow just got better with Needs to View invitee type!

Needs to View is an Invitee Type that requires to open and view the document without providing a Signature. As being part of the signing process, this Invitee type will be included in the documentation of the process. 

Just like any signer in the process, needs to view Invitee can be assigned with the existing authentication methods for document access such as passcode, KBA, IDV and SMS.

With Needs to View’s additional flexibility, users can add both Invitee types: Signer and Viewer to a document as well as package document. An Invitee can be signer for one document, and a viewer on the second one. 

Needs to View - Add Invitee

Team Features – Collaboration – Folders Categories

Team Features – Collaboration – Folders Categories

Collaboration made easy with Secured Signing’s document sharing feature!

The shared folder feature is a functionality that allows multiple users to access and work on the same set of files and folders. With this collaborative feature, users can work seamlessly together on documents, share resources and keep track of the status of the documents within their own login accounts.

By clicking the + by the Inbox, a folder will be created and additional setting options are available for a much more organised document workflow.

Every document added to the folder will change Tab location depending on the status of the signing process. The initial location is the Inbox tab, once sent the document will then be moved to In Progress tab and then Signed tab once it has been completed.

Get efficiently collaborative with Secured Signing’s shared folder feature!
Team Features – Collaboration – Folders Categories - Add Folder
Team Features – Collaboration – Folders Categories - Additional Options

Personalised email messages

Personalised email messages

At Secured Signing, we understand that sometimes a simple email invitation is not enough. 

That’s why we have developed a feature that allows you to add a personal message to your Invitations. 

Personal message provides a unique opportunity to reach clients, build rapport and increase value. Adding personal messages gets significantly higher and effective engagements than general ones, that’s why Secured Signing added this feature to allow users to easily add personal messages together with the Email Invitation.   

Whether you want to motivate your team, add a personal touch to your customer communication, or simply make your Invitations more fun and engaging. 

Our personal message feature makes it easy to create and send personalized messages.  

Personalised Email Message - Invitation Workflow

Add attachments to email invitation

Add attachments to email invitation

Upload additional attachments to any document signing process.

At times the document owner will need to add an additional attachment to the email invitation, most likely these attachments are marketing flyers of policies      or guidelines. You can do it with Secured Signing at no extra cost!

You can add to the email invitation one of the documents from your desktop or upload these files from the document library to every invitation, simply select it from the list. 

Add Attachment - Invitation Workflow

Email Templates

Email Templates

Pre-designed and pre-formatted email messages that can be customised and send to your Invitees. 

Using email templates can save users time and ensure professionalism upon email delivery. Email templates are valuable tools for businesses that want to streamline digitised signing process on their workflow. 

With Secured Signing’s email template feature, your emails will have a consistent look which helps reinforce brand identity and increase recognition among clients.  

Email Template - How to set up

Signature Verification Service

Signature Verification Service

With our signature verification service you can verify any document that has been signed with the trusted PKI digital signature. 

We will verify the signatories’ authenticity and data integrity to give you complete peace of mind. Anyone can access Secured Signing’s Signature Verification Service.

Signature Verification Service

How do you verify PKI signed documents?

Secured Signing is one of the only PKI digital signing solutions available and utilising our encryption technology we are able to verify if a PKI signed document is valid and has not been changed since it was signed.

We do this by reversing the digital signing process – we take the document that you upload and using an algorithm calculate a hash value of the data. We then extract the hash value from the digital signature using the public key of the person’s digital signature. If the two hash values match then we know the signature is valid and the document has not been altered. If they don’t match we consider the digital signature invalid and it either means that a different key was used to sign it, or that the data has been altered (either intentionally or unintentionally).

What type of documents can you verify?

We can verify any PDF document which has been digitally signed using PKI technology. The document can be of any length and you can use both our online service to verify the document or out offline service if you’d prefer a more secure approach or have a large number of documents to verify.

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