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The Benefits of Secured Signing’s Video Confirmation and ID Verification

May 16, 2023

As businesses continue to shift towards digital processes, the need for secure identity verification becomes increasingly important. Remote identity verification solutions such as Secured Signing’s Video Confirmation with optional Identity Document Verification (IDV) provide a faster and more secure way for businesses to verify the identities of their clients.  Traditional identity verification processes can be time-consuming, expensive, and […]

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Secured Signing’s CEO, Gal Thompson on Video Confirmation in the eSigning process

March 23, 2023

In a recent interview, Gal Thompson, visionary CEO of Secured Signing, discussed how the company provides enterprise businesses with elevated security features that reinforce identity confirmation capabilities within the eSigning process.   As digital signatures become increasingly essential for organizations, Secured Signing’s commitment to security, privacy, and trust is more important than ever. The company continues to […]

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Court Case showcases Digital Signing’s shortfalls but there is a Solution

September 2, 2020

Digital Signing adoption across the world is rowing with Government Regulations being adapted to allow a huge range of documents to be Digitally Signed. Getting documents signed digitally is not without risks however and if you use the wrong provider or software solution toget your serious documents signed you could find yourself in trouble in […]

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Secured Signing digital signatures with Video Confirmation provides best evidence of signer’s identity in the market

July 25, 2019

If you’re using digital signatures in your business, do you know who’s really signing your documents? Now, more and more businesses just like yours are turning to video confirmation to make sure the signer is who they say they are. Verifying digital signatures with Video Confirmation It’s never been easier to sign documents online. But, […]

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Stop risking your business by using scanned signatures and switch to Secured Signing today

August 30, 2017

Tim Osborn, of Osborn Law, wrote recently in the Newcastle Herald about a court case that highlights the risks in relying on scanned signatures as a form of signing. It’s a reminder that if you need to sign, then you should sign with a tamper proof digital signature that is unique to you and your document. Nothing else is worth the risk.

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Know Your Customer (KYC) with Video Confirmation and Secured Signing

August 8, 2017

Even if your business is not subject to anti money laundering and counter terrorism financing (AML/CTF) legislation, robust customer due diligence practices will give you a competitive advantage, limit your exposure to the risk of loss and protect your business from damage to its reputation. It’s also just plain good sense. If there is ever a dispute, being able to simply and clearly demonstrate who signed your document will ensure you are best placed to recover monies owed or the return of equipment hired or leased.

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Video Confirmation of Identity a must have for financial services teams adopting eSignatures

June 6, 2017

Financial services companies must know who is signing their documents. If there is any doubt that the correct person has signed the loan, agreement, authority to proceed, or whatever the document may be, the business leaves itself open to fraud, is exposed to unnecessary risk and faces the possibility of loss, not to mention becoming non-compliant with ‘Know Your Customer’ legislative requirements. Secured Signing provides the most robust verification of signer identity with the world first use of video confirmation as part of the signing process.

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Secured Signing releases world first Video Confirmation of identity for eSignatures

May 23, 2017

Adding video confirmation to the eSigning process bolsters the independent signature verification of PKI user based digital signatures to deliver unparalleled document security and compliance for Secured Signing’s customers.

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Secured Signing delivers Online Police Checks for H&R Block

July 22, 2015

H&R Block have broadened their online on boarding process to include a paperless background check that slashes staff and turnaround time

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Be Sure Who is Signing your Document Online

April 15, 2015

Secured Signing now gives you the option to use text messages as a second form of identity confirmation. Inviting people to sign documents online is much more secure and reliable, not to mention quicker and easier, than sending them by post. With two factor authentication, your confidence in who is signing your document is even higher!

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