Secured Signing’s ID Verification and Video Confirmation.

Document signing security with Secured Signing

Enhance the document signing world of Finance, Mortgage, Legal and Notary, building trust and following the rules are vital. As technology evolves, the need for smart solutions to guard against fraud becomes increasingly important. Secured Signing is the leading player in this field, offering simple and secure identity verification solutions, enabling various organizations to concentrate on their core mission: serving their customers.

The Essential Role of Identity Verification

Identity verification has always been a fundamental part of any process or agreement. It’s a way to make sure that those signing are indeed who they say they are. With the growth of digital signing and document management, the demand for straightforward and secure identity verification solutions has soared.

Secured Signing's ID Verification: Strong and Secure

Secured Signing’s ID Verification is a high-level signer authentication solution that outperforms standard methods like email links and SMS for multi-factor authentication. Identity theft remains a significant challenge, and this solution is a momentous change. 

Criminals use various tactics to steal or fake IDs, causing harm to any organizations, banks, and legal firms. Whether it’s stealing credit card information for unauthorized purchases or gathering personal information to open fake bank accounts and apply for credit cards and loans, the danger is real.

Secured Signing’s ID Verification uses a multi-faceted approach, conducting multiple tests on text, images, and ID security elements. It checks IDs format, layout, and security of over 5,000 ID types from almost 200 countries, significantly boosting the security of identity verification.

The Strength of Video Confirmation

Secured Signing also offers Video Confirmation, at no additional cost, which adds an extra layer of security to PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) digital signatures. It provides irrefutable proof of the signer’s identity. 

The video recording captures the signer making specific gestures related to the document, all of which are recorded in an audit trail. The Video URL and password for the confirmation video are enclosed within the signed document, so anyone can watch who signed this document.  

In essence, Video Confirmation provides the highest level of confidence in the signer’s identity. 


As the digital world faces evolving and sophisticated fraud threats, Secured Signing comes forward with a range of innovative solutions. Our ID Verification and Video Confirmation technologies serve as robust defenses against identity theft and fraud.  

To protect your organization and customers from these ever-present risks, consider partnering with Secured Signing. By doing so, you can enhance security, trust, and compliance while empowering your organization to serve your customers much better.

Get started with Secured Signing today and stay one step ahead in the battle against fraud.