Notary: ID Proof Process

There are two elements that support the identity verification process, the notary journal, and the live ID Verification confirmation screen available to the notary during the RON session.

Below is a sample journal entry showing the Date/Time/Act/Doc Description/Pages/Signer/Address/Notes(if any)/ID used & KBA passed status/Video Record Access Link & Passcode/Venue/Doc ID.

Electronic Notary Journal

The other verification occurs live during the session when the notary clicks on the ID verification link on our platform. As shown below it displays the front and back of the ID that was forensically examined to be genuine, a larger image of the front of the ID more clearly showing the face on that ID. To the right is the image of the live selfie taken during the ID validation process that is biometrically compared to the face on the ID. Below that is the Date/Time of the examination, below that is that ID’s data that’s transposed from the ID. Finally on the large screen is a live display of the signer wherein the notary could ask the signer to hold up the ID that was determined to be valid for the traditional stare and compare process.

Live ID Visual Check

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