Secured Signing in action

Signing in less than two minutes!

For best results, please watch these videos from a PC.

Video demos showing how to use the key features of the Secured Signing service. You can also read the step-by-step tutorials to see how Secured Signing works.

Setting up your account

Learn how to set up your Secured Signing account.

I Sign

Learn how to sign documents online with Secured Signing: I Sign.

We Sign

Learn how to sign, and invite to sign, with Secured Signing: We Sign.

Form Filler Templates

Learn how to prepare online forms for signing, or fill in and sign as an Invitee.

Video Signing

Schedule & host a real-time live video meeting with secure document signing


Learn how to use Notary

Smart Tag

Learn how to make your MS Word and PDF documents ready for Secured Signing process, automated the invitation process with Secured Signing integration for MS Word.

Notifications – Signing Process Workflow

Learn how to keep people who aren't signing the document informed of progress without making more work for you, the document owner. You can send the document to reviewer before signing process kickoff. Let Secured Signing do all the hard work for you!

Video Confirmation

Secured Signing's video confirmation of the identity of the signer complements the inherent authenticity and reliability of PKI digital signatures, to provide unchallengeable proof of who signed the document.

Document Negotiation

Secured Signing provides a complete document workflow from negotiation, review and through to secure digital signing.

Digital signatures – what else you need to know

These videos answer the most common questions customers ask us about digital signatures and their uses.

Needs to View

Secured Signing’s Needs to View is an Invitee type that allows you to send a document to invitees who are required to view the document without needing to sign. Needs to View is available for WeSign, Notary RON sessions, Form Filler Templates and Video Signing.