Secured Signing’s Digital Signatures are Legally Binding

We are often asked if our digital signatures are legally binding and have the same legal effect as pen and paper signatures.

The answer is yes, they are!


Today, most countries worldwide have welcomed the use of electronic signatures as a way to move beyond a paper-based environment. They have passed legislation and regulations such as Electronic Transactions Acts regarding the signing of documents in electronic format. These Acts recognize the legality of digital signature and deem it to be a binding signature.

These legislations also create a uniform standard for all electronic transactions and require the following criteria to be met for a digital signature to be binding:

1.  Identification of signatory

2.  The intent for signing

3.  Signature creation is directly to the person signing and no one else

4.  Signatory is in sole control of the signing process

5.  Any changes to the signature or and changes to the document are detectable establishing data integrity.

Whilst there are number of ways to sign electronically, Secured Signing is considered to be the ONLY digital signing platform that complies and exceeds these requirements.

With Secured Signing’s trusted digital Signature solution, you will have peace of mind that you are signing digitally in the most secure way. 

As always, if you have specific questions, please get in touch and someone will contact you personally.