Secured Signing Platform Saves Peoplebank up to 1.5 hours per Contractor Placement

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Challenge: To automate and simplify contract fill-in and signing process for documents related to contractors’ placement, and gain a competitive advantage in the ICT recruitment market.

Solution: The Secured Signing service developed and facilitates two new procedures: eStarter and eContracts that streamline processes related to contract preparations including sensitive contact information (Tax File Numbers), ABN & PAYG information and management of the signing processes required.

Results: A prompt and secure fill-in and signing process of contracts and on-boarding paperwork that saves approximately an hour-and-a-half with each placement, and enables Peoplebank’s team to spend this time on higher value aspects of their work such as client facing and sales related activities.


As part of its review of their back office processes, Peoplebank’s management was exploring ways to make the contractor onboarding process within their business easier for contractors, and at the same time find the best way to succeed in their fiercely competitive market sectors. Identifying technology as a key component of a successful change, the company then made the decision to approach the trusted Secured Signing’s digital signature solution, and to implement a customised electronic system for document completion and signing processes that meets the client and company business workflow needs, which ultimately keeps them ahead of their competitors.

“Second to its people, efficient and effective use of technology can be one of the most competitive advantages a business can have. Peoplebank recognised that our onboarding process needed review and developed an eStarter process that now has our contractors complete their on-boarding documentation and induction completely online. This is an example of how getting precisely the right mix of people, practices, and smart processes can make a dramatic difference to a business’s efficiencies.” says Peter Acheson, CEO, Peoplebank.

Prior to the new technological implementation, Peoplebank’s contractors received paper based starter packs that were posted, collected or delivered to the new contractor. They then would complete the documentation and return it to the Peoplebank office (via scanning and email or posting via mail). These lingering, paper-based practices frequently missed essential information or signatures in the appropriate areas, which invariably caused considerable delays in placement and frustration to all parties involved.


Secured Signing’s Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology allowed Peoplebank to securely automate and manage these two processes: the eStarter and eContracts that relate to contract preparations and include the pre-loading of sensitive information.

With Secured Signing, the Peoplebank team is able to promptly upload a suitable onboarding digital package that includes workflow, contractor’s specific job related guidelines, and due date for signing process, and then invite the contractor to fill-in and sign the documents from anywhere, at any time, using any device. An additional level of security is achieved with a text message code that is sent to the contractor’s mobile phone for the invitee to enter in order to complete the signing process.

“At Secured Signing we aim to deliver a client-focused solution that grants a fit, end-to-end, paperless process that meets our customers’ unique needs,” says Mike Eyal, Secured Signing Managing Director. “We were very proud to learn that despite a prior association with another eSignature platform, Peoplebank chose to utilise the Secured Signing system that proved to offer the highest flexibility of a fully customised workflow system.”


Peoplebank’s shift to Secured Signing’s electronic process for contractor recruiting positioned the company as a leader in their field. The innovative digital implementation of Tax Number Collection carries multiple benefits including absolute accuracy regardless of the complexity of a contractor’s payment arrangements.

The Secured Signing platform is now used by all company staff who estimate the new process frees up to one-and-a-half hours per contract that can then be allocated to other important tasks including gathering of data and feedback to guarantee contractors are suitably settled into their new roles, and deliver to customers’ expectations.

“The value that Peoplebank brings to clients is to deliver quality candidates that meet our customer’s technical skillset and cultural fit requirements, so we’re excited that with Secured Signing our teams can spend less time on outdated paperwork practices. Implementation of eStarter and eContracts allows our teams to be more productive and spend more time adding value to our clients, contractors and candidates.” concludes Mr. Acheson.

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Peoplebank is Australia’s largest IT recruitment company, specialising in the permanent and contract placement of ICT professionals across all vertical markets since 1990. We have a national network of offices within Australia: in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney; with a talent pool of over 350,000 ICT professionals, we have over 3,000 contractors currently on-site and place around 5,000 candidates every year. In addition to our extensive Australian footprint, Peoplebank has significant operations in Asia with offices in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Our vision is to be the best recruitment company in the Asia-Pacific region — the No. 1 choice for our Employees, Clients, and Candidates.

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Secured Signing provides comprehensive and secure digital signature Software as a Service (SaaS) to deliver a full range of form completion and signing capabilities that combine advanced Personalised X509 PKI Digital Signature technology and an easy-to-use, simple-to-deploy, compliant solution. Secured Signing enables its users to utilise smartphones, PCs, tablet devices, and any browser to capture their graphical signature, fillin, sign, and seal documents, and verify them anywhere, anytime.

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Case Study - Yarra Ranges Download Case Study