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Fresh Start in Education Choose Digital Recruitment Software That Is Most Secure for Students and Tutors

Challenge Protecting student’s private information against hacks and data theft. Protecting candidates who apply for jobs to work with the organization. Solution Secured Signing’s RDB ProNet integration to seal documents with digital signature technology. Results Recruitment processes are completed digitally and paperless. Students and tutor’s personal information is protected by end-to-end encryption. Background In 2016, […]

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Digital Signature’s Online Service Helps Evolve Scientific Recruitment Meet Tight Deadlines

Overview At Evolve Scientific Recruitment, a leading Australian technical recruitment company with offices spread around the country, meeting a tight mine labor hiring deadline is taken very seriously. Kym Volp, Queensland State Manager at Evolve Scientific Recruitment recognizes how crucial it is for major recruitment projects to place large numbers of staff on very short […]

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