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If you already have an IdenTrust digital certificate can you use it with Secured Signing?
Of course! Simply upload your existing digital certificate to your secured signing account.
Go to “My Account > My Settings > Remote Certificate” and follow the prompts.

Do I need to buy a certificate?
The type of security certificate you will need to use depends on which state you operate in. Secured Signing can issue PKI X509 certificates free of charge. However, some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate. Secured Signing has partnered with IdenTrust ( to provide Federal Bridge Certificates.

How do you send documents to the signer and / or more recipients after the signing process occurs?
You must set this up within your Secured Signing account.
First, you must give Secured Signing authorization to email signed documents on your behalf.
Go to My Account > My Settings > eNotary.
Scroll down to “Stamped document sent to invitee by:” and click Secured Signing.
Second, you must enable additional completion recipients.
Go to My Account >My Settings.
Scroll down and turn “Additional Completion Recipients” to ON.
Now, when you prepare the document and confirm invitation workflow, you can add additional recipients to receive the signed and notarized documents once the full signing process is complete.

How long does Secured Signing hold videos (and documents)?
Secured Signing holds videos (and documents) for 7 days after the notarization signing process. To keep your files long term, ensure that you enable Secured Signing storage in your settings or enable cloud storage within your own cloud storage system. Or you can use both! It’s completely up to you, just make sure you choose the best option for you.

How do I access videos if we store them?
You will have a button within the “My Documents” section under “My History”. Located on the right, a video button will appear next to any documents that contain a video file within them. Simply click on the video icon and download your video. It’s that easy.

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Happy Notarizing.

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