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How do I activate my Secured Signing account?
To fully activate and use Secured Signing’s Notary platform you will need to add your credit card details for payment – a minimum monthly access fee of $9.95 will be charged at the end of the monthly billing cycle.

What is included in my $9.95 monthly fee?
Your monthly pay as you go subscription fee gives you access to the software to use when and as you need with documents and templates saved. We also give you 10 documents signings (worth USD $13) each month for free.

What is “Allocated Credits”?
Your Allocated Credits balance will be determined based on upcoming RON sessions, and which features you need per RON session.

What happens if I do not use the Allocated Credits?
They get credited back to your Secured Signing balance. Easy.

How are credits allocated? Do I get them back if I have an incomplete session?
Credits are allocated (but not used) at the moment you begin preparing for a RON session. However, these credits are only used if the function relating to them occurs. In the event that your session does not go ahead, all unused credits will be refunded back to your account.
For example, Video Signing credits will only be used at the moment you click “start meeting”.

Should I enable auto top-up?
We recommend enabling auto top-up as this will guarantee that you will have enough credits in your account to complete a RON session. When enabled, set a minimum amount to top up by when your account gets low and you are good to go. However, if you would not like to use this option you can always top-up manually.

What happens if my customer doesn’t turn up to a RON session?
If your customer doesn’t turn up to your RON session or for some reason the notarization doesn’t go ahead there will be no charges with any pre-purchased features refunded as credits on your Secured Signing credits balance.

When do I pay for the Remote Online (RON) session?
The moment you click “start meeting” is when we charge for the video session.

What happens if my session takes over 30 minutes?
If your session takes longer than 30-minutes you will be charged per minute due to additional costs required for video conference time. This is charged at 0.50c per participant, per minute over 30 minutes. After 2 hours, the session is ended.

Does enabling “Recording Archive Storage cost me money?
Yes. If you enable “Recording Archive Storage” you will be charged $5 a month to maintain this feature.

I have $5 in my account when I signed up, but I didn’t put any money in?
The $5 is a gift from Secured Signing when you sign up for an eNotary Paid account.

How do payments work?
With a pay as you go plan you pay for your actual document and sender usage each month. Your monthly access fee is calculated based on the number of documents notarized & number of users on the account. We charge your credit card at the end of the billing cycle or at plan cancellation for your usage over that period. The price plan has a minimum fee per month. To use optional add on features as you need them simply add Secured Signing credits to your account in advance (you can also enable auto-top up).

Does Secured Signing charge my client(s) or principal(s)?
Secured Signing does not take a slice of the fees you charge your client or principal. Pay us for what features you use leading up to and during the RON session and charge your client based on pricing that you choose.

For a full cost-breakdown of our features and average RON or IPEN session , check out our eNotary pricing page at

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