Can Be Innovative

Secured Signing is a cornerstone of our business. We save people time and money in real estate transactions and Secured Signing is an absolutely vital part of how we achieve that.

Tyson Walker – Managing Director and Co-Founder, Proppy
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Maximise Team Efficiency

Secured Signing saves us at least a day's effort every week through the removal of data entry and automated reminders eradicating wasted administrative effort.

Ed Robbins - Operations Director, Fresh Start In Education

Transact Anywhere

Secured Signing is a huge step up in our ability to effectively and efficiently transact business wherever the customer happens to be. We can easily execute the loan document at different locations.

Peter Steel - Managing Director, Yes Finance
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Quick Turnaround

We took on Secured Signing to reduce the time it took us to turnaround contracts and other procurement documents. It has become such an important part of the way we work now, we wouldn't know what to do without Secured Signing.

Tim Lawson - Manager Procurement and Contracts, Manningham City Council

More Time with Customers

We're excited by opportunities to spend less time on the back-end and more time on high-value aspects of our work, Secured Signing is helping our recruiters do just that.

Peter Acheson – CEO, Peoplebank
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The value that Peoplebank brings to clients is to deliver quality candidates that meet our customer’s technical skillset and cultural fit requirements, so we’re excited that with Secured Signing our teams can spend less time on outdated paperwork practices. Implementation of eStarter and eContracts allows our teams to be more productive and spend more time adding value to our clients , contractors and candidates.

Peter Acheson, CEO, Peoplebank.

Paper was the bane of our lives, and we had been looking for a reliable and secure way to sign electronic documents for some time. Secured Signing’s solution ticked all the boxes. We didn’t have to change to or buy a specific HR system; it is an extension of our existing systems, so it was agile, quick, and easy to set up with great support from the Secured Signing team.

Bill Cashman, HR manager, H&R Block.

For Manningham, the primary driver has been about simplicity and making it quicker and simpler for people to sign, but it is nice to know we are also introducing a clearer audit trail into our signing process.

Tim Lawson, Manager of Procurement Contracts, Maningham City Council

When we partnered with Secured Signing, we saw an opportunity to enhance our relationship with our candidates by providing them with greater flexibility as well as providing our consultant with an error-proof process to remove non-value-added time from their daily activities. Feedback from our candidates has been exceptional with this implementation and we noted a 6% Year on Year increase in our Net Promoter Score from candidates across the country.

Not only has Secured Signing delivered on our expectations, but the team has stepped up and delivered innovative solutions that further delivered on our industry’s’ ever-changing needs.

Paul Bridgewater, General Manager, Manpower

We needed an inclusive and compliant Mitre 10 branded solution that met our entire business signing needs, and were able to implement the Secured Signing system easily and rapidly. Our team was able to customise, track and manage the signing process, which enabled a prompt trade and shortened paperwork turnaround that was instantly realised by our customers, staff, and managers.

Blair McNeill, Mitre 10 General Manager.

Secured Signing solution is mainly used for signing BAS lodgement authorisations and engagement letters; it saves me and my clients the lengthy, inefficient process of sending the document, printing it out, signing it, scanning it, and delivering around. It also solves the problem of a document’s poor quality by the time I get it back. I no longer need to try and remember who has signed, and who hasn’t. I just lodge the document, and reminders are sent automatically until the signing process is completed. All my regular clients adopted the system easily.

Linda Nicolas, Registered BAS Agent and Principal at Numerus Business Services.

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We issue the links and people get back to us overnight or even within the hour. We just set the deadline for each candidate, and the system takes care of the reminders for us. This invaluable feature has reduced time and frustration for all concerned.

Secured Signing were very fast and responsive whenever we asked for something. Their customer service is amazing.

Kym Volp, Queensland State Manager, Evolve Scientific Recruitment

We were able to implement this solution quickly and easily. The benefits have been instantly realised by our sales workforce, our processing team and our customers.

We’ve seen a total elimination of errors, in the move away from paper. We have a more streamlined sales force now, using cutting-edge tools and technology.

Ben Smythe, Digital Mobile Sales Manager – Northern
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Digital Signature Testimonial - Yarra Ranges Council

Timeframes for signature of Evaluation Reports and Contracts have reduced from 1-2 weeks into a matter of an afternoon. Cost and time saving is literally immeasurable, and has paved the way for us to move wholly into paperless office.

Sophie Beers, Procurement Officer, Yarra Ranges Council

Secured Signing provides us with a commanding lawful solution that eliminates constraints of location and time zone, supplies powerful tool to manage and monitor the candidates signing process, cuts costs, improves work efficiencies, and brings many extremely appreciative customers. The Secured Signing team’s highly professional work in converting our forms into a branded online format, along with their system’s simplicity and credibility creates an invaluable addition to our business and company.

Kevin Amedee, Director, Entire Recruitment
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John Kavanagh

Secured Signing enables us to finalise deals and to sign contracts with our worldwide customers within minutes. Our ability to efficiently close those deals results in a positive response from our clients and therefore increased sales.

John Kavanagh, Director, ASC Migration Pty Ltd

Signing documents online with Secured Signing is the online equivalent of the signatories being in the same room together.

Rick Shera, Partner, Lowndes Jordan Barristers & Solicitors
Rick Shera

Secured signing helps us in streamlining the workflow and assists in a vital fast turnaround of the contracts. The ability to place multiple signature fields on the same page and to sign multiple pages with just a mouse click makes the signing process fast and easy.

Raj Sesha, Director, SDP Solutions Pty Ltd.

The Secured Signing solution impressed us instantly with its high level of security, capabilities, and seamless implementation. Our management team uses Secured Signing regularly from anywhere in the world, anytime, and it has become an integral part of our standard electronic business practice. Secured Signing has shortened and expedited our daily signing process to just a few minutes; this makes our business process much more efficient – with no environmental footprint.

Gadi Hadar, Managing Director at Asia Pacific Easy-Forex.

The Secured Signing service delivers a great solution to New Zealand businesses of all sizes by speeding up business processes and making document signing accessible to their customers anytime, anywhere.

Lynne Le Gros, Telecom Customer Propositions Manager Business.

Rent Plus has been conduction an initial trial of the signing software, before rolling it out more widely as part of our business processes, to enable customers to sign rental agreements online.

Kerry McNae, Chief Operating Officer, Rent Plus Limited.

We are confident that the systems used by Secured Signing ensure that the electronic signatures produced meet the New Zealand legal requirements for a signature. In fact, the security and logging facility, in our view, provides better authenticity than many of the methods by which documents are now commonly signed and exchanged (e.g. email and facsimile). So, unless there are specific laws dictating that a document can only be signed in a particular way, any form of contract can be signed using the Secured Signing System.

Rick Shera, Partner, Lowndes Jordan Barristers & Solicitors, Auckland, New Zealand

As we have clients throughout New Zealand being able to provide a signing option online is a great benefit ourselves and our clients. I would recommend other business where they need confirmation of a signature which they would otherwise do by post or fax to consider adding secured signing to the options they provide to their clients.

Ken Landeman, Director, New Zealand Finance & Loans Ltd.