Web Form Templates Supports Multi-Signer Workflows

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Have you ever gotten stuck in a never-ending loop of “who needs to sign this?” Imagine you’re a business loan consultant, and you finally have all the paperwork ready for a new client. But hold on, it needs signatures from the director of the business applying for the loan. Sounds simple, right? Except you know there’s probably a company policy requiring multiple signatures for approval.

This is where Form Filler’s latest update, Multiple Invitee Support in Public Link/ Web Form Templates, comes in to save the day!

The Story of Streamlined Signatures

Let’s say you’re the loan consultant, and you’ve prepared the loan agreement using our Form Filler template builder. You know it needs signatures from both the Director of Operations and the CFO.

Here’s the magic:

1. Set Up for Success: You simply activate the “Multiple Invitee Support” feature when creating the Public Link for the agreement. This allows you to designate who needs to sign.

2. The First Step: You send the Public Link to the Director of Operations via email, signer 1.

3. Signing Made Easy: The Director of Operations opens the link and sees the agreement. But here’s the key part: they can also see there’s another signer required – the CFO.

4. Adding the Second Signer: Because of the new feature, the Director of Operations can easily add the CFO’s details directly within the form. No need for them to chase you down for additional information.

5. Flexibility is Key: Did the company policy change, and now only one director’s signature is required ? No problem! The Director of Operations can even uncheck the extra signer box, removing them from the process entirely.

6. Everyone Signs, Everyone Wins: Once both directors have signed, the completed signed agreement is sent back to template owner electronically. No more chasing signatures or wondering about internal procedures.


More Use Cases Of Web Form with Multiple Invitees/Signers

Leasing and tenancy agreements

Rental agencies can now add a public link to a tenancy form on their website allowing new or existing tenants to sign an agreement and have the first person who signs nominate signers as they need to. This gives rental agencies and tenants flexibility when completing the document, allowing them to get the leasing or tenancy agreement signed quickly and with little to no difficulty.

Internal documents that need approval

Businesses can now add a web form on their intranet or elsewhere to get approval for spending. If you typically need 2 signatures, and you only know of one of the approvers, send the link to them. This signer can then nominate the second person to complete and sign the form, moving the process along. No more running around trying to find the right people to sign.

Multiple Invitee Support: A Win-Win for Everyone

This new feature saves you, the consultant, valuable time and eliminates the back-and-forth of figuring out who needs to sign. For your clients, it creates a smoother, more efficient signing experience. No more wondering about internal procedures or who needs to sign what.

It’s a win-win for everyone involved!

Follow our easy step-by-step instructions on how to set this up

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