Secured Signing New Features and Enhancements 

Secured Signing, a leading provider of digital signature solutions, today announced the release of its latest version, featuring a range of innovative features and enhancements designed to make the signing process smoother and more efficient than ever. These updates benefit users of the We Sign, Form Filler, and Remote Online Notarization (RON) platforms. 

Secured Signing’s New Features: 

  • Enhanced Admin Visibility: The new Admin User Audit Trail report provides detailed insights into admin activities, including logins, setting changes, and user management, ensuring greater transparency and control. 
  • Flexible Signing Workflow: Users can now Edit The Signing Process even after sending documents for signature, correcting errors without restarting. This feature saves time and reduces rework. 
  • Invitee-focused Portal: The new Invitee Monitoring Portal offers a centralized location for invitees to access and manage all documents requiring their signatures, boosting completion rates and improving their experience. 

Secured Signing’s new Enhancements: 

  • Admin Template Management: Admin users with full permissions can now view and Edit Any User’s Templates, facilitating collaboration and template optimization within organizations. 
  • Meeting Scheduling Clarity: The new Meeting Date column in “In Progress” documents displays scheduled RON or video signing sessions, enhancing transparency and organization. 
  • Canadian RON Support: Secured Signing now officially supports Canadian Notaries in its RON platform, expanding its reach and providing Canadian users with a secure and convenient digital signing solution. 

“These latest enhancements demonstrate our commitment to delivering a best-in-class signing experience,” said Mike Eyal, Founder and Director at Secured Signing. “By continuously innovating and incorporating user feedback, we ensure Secured Signing remains the trusted choice for efficient and secure digital signatures.” 

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Secure Signing is a leading provider of secure and compliant digital signature solutions. With a focus on user experience and advanced technology, Secured Signing helps organizations streamline their signing and approval processes while maintaining the highest level of security.

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