Secured Signing recognized as a top class e-Signature software by a reputed platform for SaaS small business reviews

Great User Experience Award

Secured Signing has been recognized with the Great User Experience award for 2018 title by Finances Online. This reputed business software review platform acknowledged that our digital signature solution allows businesses to utilize basic and “advanced innovative features” to “quickly, easily, and securely” sign various types of documents.


The Great User Experience award for 2018 is reserved to quality solutions that provide an especially pleasing user experience, from product deployment to the overall design of the software. Among the highlights for the FinancesOnline team include Secured Signing’s customizable document workflows, various automated reminders to intended recipients, “top class security” to ensure confidentiality of information, “robust” Secured Signing pricing packages for all types of users, and constant support in releasing innovative features.


Reviewed under their best e-signature website category, Secured Signing was tested and compared alongside various digital signature solutions on the market for a holistic analysis. For an objective analysis, FinancesOnline used its SmartScore System in assessing all elements of Secured Signing, from main functionalities and collaboration features to security and mobility.


The FinancesOnline review team also conferred Secured Signing with the Rising Star award for 2018, given to SaaS solutions that are seen by users as a reliable brand for solving their problems. This indicates that our constant improvement to our digital solution has pleased our users worldwide.


At Secured Signing, we go the extra mile to provide you with an innovative software for small business and enterprises for the benefit of your company. Try it today to streamline and enhance your processes in a green environment.

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