Secured Signing Makes using SharePoint Effortless

Secured Signing Makes SharePoint Document Handling Effortless

In today’s digital world, managing documents and signing them securely is super important for businesses. When you combine Secured Signing with SharePoint, it becomes much easier to keep your important papers safe and get signatures without any hassle. 

Easy Document Handling 

Instead of dealing with piles of paperwork, you can now ask for signatures straight from SharePoint folder. This makes things faster and avoids mistakes that often happen with traditional paper documents. 

Trustworthy Signatures 

With Secured Signing, signatures are secure from the first signature applied on the document. That means you can trust that the documents are genuine and safe from any tampering. 

Notable Features

  • Quick Agreements: Start signing requests right from SharePoint site, making deals happen faster. 
  • Customize Where You Sign: Position your signature exactly where it needs to be on the document. 
  • Use Templates: Save time by using ready-made templates or reusing ones you’ve used before. 
  • See Updates in Real Time: full visibility and control on the signing process so you know when it’s done. 
  • Add More Info: Easily add extra fields to collect important info. 
  • Sign Anywhere: People can sign on their phones or desktop, laptop, whenever it suits them. 
  • Go Green: No more printing – everything happens digitally, saving paper and time. 

All Your Documents in One Place

Once the signing is done, copies of the signed documents are sent to you by email and safely stored in SharePoint folder, site. This makes it easy to find them when you need them. 

How Secured Signing can help 

  • Hiring New People: Quickly get HR (Human Resource) forms signed for new hires, making the process smoother. 
  • Closing Deals: Speed up the process of signing contracts, making everyone happy faster. 
  • Meeting Rules: Make sure you follow all the rules by keeping your important documents safely signed and stored. 

Level Up Your Document Game 

Get ready for easier work and getting things done faster. When you use Secured Signing with SharePoint, handling documents becomes a breeze. 

To set up Secured Signing for SharePoint, Click here. 

Signing, sharing, and securing your documents has never been this easy. Try Secured Signing on SharePoint today!