Secured Signing Digital Signature Platforms Provides Proof of Identity and Document Security

Security underpins everything we do, it’s in our name, and with this passion in mind we continue to ensure we offer our customers secure digital signing technology. With increasing cyber fraud, document and user security is more important than before.

While the current digital signing process is already very secure, there is always room for improvement to avoid signature fraud. Secured Signing offers additional methods for proof of identity, resulting in enhanced security and identity validation. 

Video confirmation, driver license and passport ID Checks – document verification, RealMe and data matching can be included in the signing process in Secured Signing. Our video confirmation feature provides proof of who signed the document by capturing the identity of the signer in real time. The video recording captures the signer performing gestures specific to the document, which are then recorded in the document log. The location and password for the confirmation video are also contained in the signed document. To enhance security even further, a tamper proof mechanism of the digital signature ensures the video confirmation details cannot be altered without invalidating the signature. This complements the inherent authenticity and reliability of public key infrastructure (PKI) digital signatures.

Invitees can also verify their driver license or passport with ID Check process, with matching mechanism to document content as part of the signing process verifying ID documents as valid. Alternatively, select government online proof of identity platforms which are integrated with Secured Signing, such as NZ RealMe

Put simply, Secured Signing is a highly secure way to sign documents online. The combination of ease of use for the signer and absolute compliance confidence for the document owner is without peer.

Check out this quick video showing how video technology is used in the signing process

If you want to protect your business from cyber risk, be sure to contact Secured Signing today.


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John Webster