E-Signature Q&A – When to Use Digital Signatures to Improve Business Results?

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E-Signature Q&A  #1 – When to Use Digital Signatures to Improve Business Results?

Helping our customers improve their business is important to us. To accomplish this, we are innovative in our own thinking and agile in our approach. We have gained valuable insights from working with many different businesses over the years and through our E-Signature Q&A blog series we will share these insights with you.  

Question: When should a business implement digital signatures to realize business success?

Answer:  Digital Signatures can solve for common issues that many businesses are facing today regardless of their size or industry.

The 4 most commons reasons to implement digital signatures are:

Slow and Inconvenient Customer Experience

Poor customer experience is becoming a huge barrier for growth for many businesses today. With the rapid change of customer expectations companies need to asses how easy is it for their customers (existing and potential) to interact with them. Paper driven business processes are slow and inconvenient for many customers as most don’t have printers at home. Customers expect for everything to be done digitally and effortlessly. We know a customer is more likely to choose a provider which offers a quick and easy digital only process, over a business which is still requiring to capture wet signatures.

New Competition

With technology innovation businesses are up against new non-traditional competition. To prevent loss of customers, successful businesses adapt quickly to by innovating themselves before it’s too late.

Cyber Crime &  Increasing Compliance Costs

With new technologies, there are also new types of misconduct, cyber crime and identity theft. As a result, governments have implemented additional compliance requirements and regulations (Know Your Customer) to tackle these growing issues. Secured Signing’s audit log and proof of identity technology provides business the tools and confidence to deal with both signature fraud and compliance requirements.

Inefficient Processes

Cost of paper, printing, courier and storage of information is going up. With increased competition businesses need to identify significant cost savings in their existing processes which are NOT adding value. Instead investing such savings into important research and development to stay ahead of the competition.

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